Spoilers: Sam gives Jack an ultimatum in EastEnders tonight

Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) continues to cause havoc in EastEnders tonight as she attempts to take the reins of Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden)’s business empire – with absolutely no one having the confidence that she can carry out the tasks Phil has brought her back to Walford to do.

Sam herself is having second thoughts about whether she can really cope in her new role as Phil’s right hand woman. She knows that her brother trusts her to do the job and meet with Jonah, but she worries that she mightn’t be up to the job and could mess it up.

Meanwhile Ben (Max Bowden) is still livid that Phil apparently doesn’t think he’s capable of running things and has brought Sam in over his head.

Sharon (Letitia Dean) has no confidence in Sam at all, and drafts in Kat (Jessie Wallace) for support. Will the two of them help or hinder Sam as she tries to arrange her meeting with Jonah?

On a more personal level, young Ricky (Frankie Day) is struggling with the news that his mum is back in Albert Square and has an awkward meeting with her at the tube station. Denise (Diane Parish) is furious that Sam is unsettling Ricky and warns her to back off.

But Sam has an idea. Maybe she can use Ricky to her advantage?

She confronts Jack (Scott Maslen) and issues an ultimatum – but what is she planning?

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