‘Squid Game’ Director’s Shocking Reason Why He Can’t Watch ‘Bridgerton’

Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk has given backstories and explanations to why he created the Korean drama, his process behind the storyline, and more. Hwang has even explained to fans why Squid Game has a love story, but not the kind many expect like in Bridgerton. The director has referenced the period drama in interviews before. He revealed the true reason why he is not a fan of Bridgerton and many fans would find it relatable to some extent.

The topic of ‘Bridgerton’ came up while discussing ‘Squid Game’s’ sex scene

One of Squid Game’s claims to fame among fans is the sex scene in episode 4. The scene is between players Jang Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae) and Han Mi-nyeo (Kim Joo-ryoung). In an interview with The Guardian, Hwang explained his reasoning for including the scene.

Hwang explains, “It’s a different kind of love in a bizarre, strange, desperate situation.” In Squid Game, Mi-nyeo clings onto the brute gangster for survival. To make sense of her actions, she sees their relationship as love. No matter how twisted it really is. The director was inspired by a survival reality show that depicted people’s psychology in extreme situations.

In reality series, “They are sexually attracted to people they believe are stronger and the best at hunting, when they wouldn’t have been before.” Hwang previously explains Mi-nyeo clings to Deok-su and “believes her emotion is love, but not romantic love like in Bridgerton.”

Director Hwang can not relate to ‘Bridgerton’s’ romance story

The Squid Game director mentions Bridgerton a few times in the interview in regards to romance. But Hwang revealed the real reason why he is not a fan of the acclaimed period romance. He was asked if he watched the period drama to scope out the competition. Bridgerton was Netflix’s top streamed series besides the K-drama.

Hwang admits he finds it difficult to commit to watching a series fully. He has only done so with two, and both were crime series. “People said Bridgerton was very good, so I tried watching episode one, but I gave up in the middle,” said Hwang.

One of the main reasons why the director could not watch the series is because of the romance. “I’m not really into TV romance stories because it’s been six or seven years since I was in a relationship. I find it really hard to relate to,” he explained. Fans might comically wonder if this was the reason why Squid Game’s sex scene was grim and based on psychological reality and survival than a dramatic romance.

‘Squid Game’ outranked ‘Bridgerton’ on Netlflix within a week of its premiere

No one expected the K-drama to become the biggest success Netflix has ever seen. Squid Game amassed millions in impact value for the streaming platform. Before the premiere of the K-drama, Bridgerton was Netflix’s top hit and  “drew 82 million viewers within 28 days of its premiere,” according to Forbes. But Squid Game quickly surpassed the period drama with 111 million accounts globally after its debut on Netflix.

Squid Game is the first K-drama in history to maintain the number one spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list for 21 days. The K-drama is also Hwang’s first drama series and model HoYeon Jung’s first acting role. The drama’s success led its main cast to skyrocket into fame. Even veteran actor Oh Yeon-su explains, “things have changed quite a bit” after Squid Game success.

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