Stacey Solomon says Joe Swash doing chores gets her in the mood for sex

Loose Women panellist Stacey Solomon opened up about what really turns her on in the bedroom department with Joe Swash.

The 31-year-old spoke openly on the daytime favourite, sharing what gets her going while exposing all of her dirty secrets for intimacy with her Dancing On Ice champion boyfriend.

Stacey revealed that simple tasks such as "unloading the dishwasher" could work a charm for Joe and lead to the pair getting frisky between the sheets.

It is no secret that the TV babe, who recently trademarked her Instagram hack Tap To Tidy, loves nothing more than a good cleaning session to completely transform her home.

According to her latest revelation on the all-female cast chat show, partner Joe could be in for steamy romp if he also participated in some household chores.

If he played his cards right and helped out around the house, Stacey said this could lead to the pair hoping into bed together.

Speaking candidly on the ITV favourite, she said: "A lot of emotion goes into sex for me.

"If I am completely honest, it starts from the minute he picks up his shoes after himself in the morning to, like, unloading the dishwasher."

"So much has to happen for me to be like 'oh my god let's do it'."

She continued: "If we had that kind of day and got into bed and went to be intimate and he said 'not today' I would be devastated.

"I'd be embarrassed and it would make it harder for me to initiate that kind thing of next time."

When it comes to private information, Stacey and Joe like to share, often coming clean about certain every day life situations.

Only yesterday, Joe took an opportune moment to alert Stacey's following about her "blooming" pubic hair region.

Sat wearing a hair mask after undergoing a red autumnal hair transformation, Stacey discussed hair loss during pregnancy.

Addressing her 3.8million followers, she asked: "Did anyone lose loads of hair when they were pregnant?

"I lost loads from the top right here."

Shying away from the camera but close enough to be heard, the actor and TV presenter joked: "You gained loads down below though, didn't you?"

Showcasing the strength of their relationship and not being one to be bashful, Stacey hilariously chirped back: "I didn't gain any down below thanks. It's always bloomed."

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