Superman and Lois season 2: Lois Lane rocked by mothers arrival after showrunner clue?

Superman & Lois: DC release dramatic teaser trailer

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Superman and Lois are back on the small screen, with season two of the hit show currently only available to those in the USA. Following the world’s most famous superhero (played by Tyler Hoechlin) and his journalist wife into new uncharted territory, showrunner Todd Helbing has teased fans with what’s to come this season. 

The first season ended with Superman battling his Kryptonian half-brother Tal-Rho/Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) while the Kent family adapted to life in Smallville.

However, the cliffhanger ending to season one left some fans in meltdown.

Getting over the intense battle scene, viewers’ nerves were then wrecked again as the show ended with the arrival of John Henry Irons’ (Wolé Parks) daughter, Natalie Irons (Tayler Buck).

Fans of the show immediately realised the conflict that would arise by Natalie seeing her deceased mother, Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch), in this new world, and showrunner Todd Helbing has hinted that this “bizarre situation” will cause trouble and potentially introduce another new character to the show. 

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Talking to TVLine, Todd said: “They’re both emotionally strong women, so it was interesting for us writers to explore what the reality of this would be.

“How would you respond? You’d like to say that it’s like Lois getting the daughter she lost, but she never really had a daughter. It’s not the same.”

The showrunner then touched on how Natalie wouldn’t see Lois “as her mum” anymore due to the bizarre circumstances that led to their reunion.

The strained family reunion inadvertently forces Lois to spiral into despair and doubt as she looks back on her relationship with her mother.

Her mother abandoned the Lane family years ago, and the arrival of Natalie pushes Lois to wonder if she is more like her mother than she thought. 

Confirming her arrival, Todd confirmed that viewers would “probably meet [Lois’ mom] at some point in the future.”

However, he was quick to add, “I don’t know about this season. Possibly.”

This instalment dived deeper into the Lane family, with Todd adding: “You learn about [Lois and Lucy’s] childhood, and you learn why Sam, Lois and Lucy are the way they are.”

Exploring this new strand of the show will also introduce Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan), who was last seen in this role when she appeared in Supergirl back in 2016.

It’s not all roses for the man of steel either, as Clark Kent found himself at a standstill with Lt. Mitch Anderson (Ian Bohen) over where his super-powered allegiance lies. Teenwolf fans will be happy to see these two on-screen together again.

This episode also introduced a pair of super-powered recruits who aided a US military rescue effort after a mine explosion triggered an earthquake. 

If quick to look, Diehard Superman fans would have seen a glimpse of what caused the earthquake towards the end of the episode and possibly figured out who or what it was. 

Todd, not giving much away, said: “I’m assuming a lot of people will know what that is. In episode two, you’ll see a little bit more. And in episode three, you’ll find out exactly what it is.” 

Fans are speculating that that giant hand belonged to Superman’s nemesis Doomsday.

Superman and Lois season 2 continues The CW on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, with the UK release date yet to be confirmed.

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