‘Swamp Thing’ Full Trailer Explores a Mysterious Virus

Warner Bros.

Producer James Wan’s fingerprints are all over the new full-length trailer for the DC Universe streaming service’s upcoming “Swamp Thing” series, with horror lurking around every dark, slimy corner in the creepy clip.
“Swamp Thing” follows CDC researcher Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) as she descends on a small Louisiana town that’s been plagued by a deadly virus. The illness — which has the ability to tear people apart from the inside as they sprout twisting vines, among other disgusting symptoms — is linked back to the town’s mysterious swamp, which has been the site of some shady occurrences in recent years, including chemical dumping.

Many of the town’s residents seem convinced that there’s something evil emanating off — and ruminating in — those murky waters, which Abby herself begins to accept as the mysteries (not to mention gross, mangled bodies) continue to pile up.“We’re dealing with something beyond the known scope of science,” she notes.
One townsperson, meanwhile, has a more bonkers (and yet, kind of correct?) summation.
“The swamp’s had enough!” he declares. “This is payback!”
Despite the silliness of that statement, this trailer makes the argument that Wan and co. have packed the series with enough genuinely creepy moments to keep the camp factor at bay. Fans can see for themselves when “Swamp Thing” premieres on DC Universe on May 31.

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