Sweden Eurovision 2022 song lyrics: Meaning behind Hold Me Closer explained

Eurovision: Sweden’s Cornelia Jakobs sings ‘Hold Me Closer’

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The Eurovision Song Contest is almost at an end with the grand final airing on BBC One on Saturday, May 14. Sweden’s Cornelia Jakobs had the audience singing along to her song Hold Me Closer, and she secured a place on Saturday night’s show. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about the inspiration behind the song.

What does Sweden’s Eurovision song mean?

Cornelia Jakobs, 30, took to the stage in Turin, Italy on Thursday night to give viewers a taste of her latest hit, Hold Me Closer.

She stormed ahead in the six-week pre-selection process in Sweden to get to the big stage.

Appearing barefoot, how she prefers to perform, she looked comfortable and at ease in front of the cameras.

Coming from the girl group Love Generation, she had no trouble warming up the crowd.

Viewers fell in love with the track, which is all about the emotional turmoil of a difficult breakup.

The song is about wanting to hold on to someone for as long as possible, despite the relationship reaching its end.

The song lyrics are as follows:

No need to apologise

‘Cause there’s nothing to regret

Well, this is not what I wanted

Guess all the good things come to an end

So baby bye, bye

Wish you the best

But most of all I wish that I could love you less

Well, maybe you’re right

I’ll find someone else

You say it isn’t me, but when did that ever help?

Hold me closer

Although you’ll leave before the sunrise

I’ll be bleeding, but don’t you mind, I’ll be fine

Oh, it kills me

I found the right one at the wrong time

But until the sunrise

Hold tight, hold tight

Maybe it happened too fast

I guess that I understand

You say that you’ve never felt this way for anyone

And that’s why it scares you to death

So baby bye, bye

Know it’s for the best

Still I can’t see how that would ease the pain in my chest

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The star explained how she was in the middle of a breakup when the song was written.

She said: “It was this on-and-off kind of relationship. Very passionate, but very toxic, too.

“No one is able to feel good when the relationship is like that.

“One day it’s great, and then the next day it’s like ‘oh where is he?’. It was hard on me.

“I was in the middle of that when we wrote the song, so it felt very natural to write about it.”

The track was written by Cornelia, David Zandén and Isa Molin.

The singer is on Instagram and she shared some video footage of herself during the competition saying: “Living my best life.”

Cornelia launched a solo career in 2018 after her girl group disbanded.

Her father is a famous rockstar in Sweden and her grandmother is a composer, so music has always been in her blood.

Eurovision 2022 returns to BBC One on Saturday at 8pm.

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