Tamra Judge Claims 'Dirty as F–k' Kelly Dodd 'Sucks D–k for Money' in Explosive RHOC Fight

“People that lie get sued!” Dodd hurls back.

The ladies of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" traveled to Miami for a little R&R, but the first portion of their trip was far from restful or relaxing.

Tensions were high during the group’s first night out, but things didn’t get explosive until Kelly Dodd told Shannon Beador as they were heading back to their hotel that she needed to cut her hair because it "looks like shit." As she made the remark, Kelly brushed her fingers through Shannon’s hair.

A very hurt Shannon asked Kelly if she could "be nice for a second" and told her not to grab her hair. Kelly denied grabbing Shannon’s "fake" hair and reiterated that it looks like "shit" — twice.

"Sorry if I offended you! Just trying to make you look better!" Kelly shouted as Shannon stormed off. "She’s like 60! You have to cut it short!"

The next day, Kelly tried to keep to herself while the others were lying by the pool, so Braunwyn Windham-Burke walked over to make sure she was okay. The newcomer said she had just spoken to Shannon, who was not only upset about the hair comment, but also furious that Kelly inserted herself into the lawsuit Jim Bellino (ex-husband of "RHOC" alum Alexis Bellino) had filed against her and Tamra Judge for saying allegedly defamatory things about him and his business during a 2018 podcast interview. Shannon claimed Kelly called Jim to get on his side in the suit, which Beador said would "devastate" both women financially.

However, Shannon was dropped from the suit, so when she walked by where Kelly was sitting, Dodd summoned her over. Tamra was close by but stayed back.

"[Braunwyn] was telling me that you were upset with me because of the Jim thing? I didn’t say anything about you!" Kelly said, to which Shannon replied, "You have immersed yourself in it, and I am a part of it!"

"I didn’t immerse myself in anything," Kelly fired back. "I was backed against a wall, and people wouldn’t stop running their mouths, and they needed to shut up, okay? And it had nothing to do with you."

"No, but honestly, it had something to do with me, right?" Tamra shouted as she approached the women. Both she and Shannon were allegedly advised not to engage with Kelly on the trip due to the sensitivity of the case, but that clearly went out the window.

"I was backed against the wall, yeah!" Dodd repeated, as Judge asked her how she was backed against the wall.

"I’ll tell you how I was backed against the wall. You brought up the train," Kelly explained. "You’re telling people that I broke someone’s hand, I threw my mom down the stairs…"

Tamra lost it. She maintained, as she has this whole time, that she was simply repeating the stairs allegation, which she heard from Vicki Gunvalson, and that she was actually defending Kelly.

"I was sticking up for you! What don’t you get? What! Don’t! You! Get!" Judge hurled at Dodd, who fired back, "Repeating it!" Beador tried to explain to Dodd that they had "real-life- shit that’s going on" because of her, but Kelly maintained that it was their own fault.

"Don’t talk about people! This is what happens!" Kelly shouted. "People that lie get sued." Tamra leaned in and asked, "What’d you just say?" Kelly repeated, louder, "People that tell lies get sued."

By this point, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson approached the bar to see what was going on, but Tamra had had enough.

"Dirty as f–k, man. That girl’s dirty. Dirty as f–k," she mumbled to herself as she walked away. "Go suck some more dick for money, Kelly! That’s what you do best!"

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