Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed for letting daughter Sophia, 12, get huge fake nails as fans beg preteen to 'be a kid'

FARRAH Abraham has been slammed for letting her 12-year-old daughter Sophia get huge fake nails.

The Teen Mom alum, 30, was criticized for making Sophia "grow up way too fast" after the preteen showed off her pointy black and red talons.

Farrah and Sophia both got their nails done during a day by the pool in Los Angeles on Monday.

The MTV alum opted for colorful pom-pom adorned nails, while the preteen opted for long red nails with a black "drip" effect.

Sophia shared a video of her new nails while sipping a drink on Instagram, captioning it: "When they say get ready for back to school……. sorry can't type."

Farrah commented on the clip, "She be like, enjoy summer break pretty girl," with several laughing face emojis.


Critics slammed Farrah's parenting in the comments, claiming the reality star is making her mini-me mature too quickly.

One wrote: "To young for nails if you ask me. Your mom is making you grow up wayyyy to fast. Slow down and be a kid."

Another added, "Those nails are made for an adult not a child. I can't," while a third begged: "Nails are just too much. Let her be natural."

Farrah has faced a barrage of criticism over her parenting skills in recent months.

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In April, she was called out for dyeing Sophia's dark hair bright blonde and in February she was slammed for dressing Sophia in hair extensions and fake nails in a glam shoot to celebrate her 12th birthday.

The former reality star upset followers after sharing a birthday post showing Sophia with a full face of makeup.

Mother and daughter also made headlines recently when Sophia claimed their dog Billionaire is gay and eats her mom's lingerie.

In a video shared by fan account Teen Mom Chatter, Sophia was talking to the camera as she said: "So I was saying, my dog Billionaire, he is gay and I'm proud of him for being gay.

"One of his top habits is eating my mom's lingerie. So my favorite thing about him is he loves going into shoes and he loves eating the shoes but he can go into girls' shoes too.

"And on my Cameo today, one of their dogs was gay and I thought of Billionaire because he's my gay poodle and I love him."

The odd video came after Farrah was slammed for calling her daughter rude in a bizarre Instagram video.

The Teen Mom alum ranted for nearly 13 minutes about raising a child in current society, saying: "I love my daughter and she's turning 12.

"So the point is I can repeat myself probably like 10 million times and then she still won't even know that I repeated 10 million times.

"Oh and then she'll ask me again. What should she say? Can you repeat it again? Oh and then be rude to me at the same time for wasting my time."

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