'The Bachelorette': Former Bachelor Colton Underwood Defends Luke P.

Luke P. has been a controversial contestant on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He made a big impression his first night at the mansion. He was the first contestant to pull Hannah B. aside after she gave her welcome toast, and he was the only person to comfort her after she found out that one of her contestants came on the show with a girlfriend. He was awarded her first impression rose thanks to his bold moves. In an early group date, the men competed in the Mr. Right pageant. Luke P. won the title of Mr. Right after telling Hannah B. that he was already beginning to fall in love with her. In addition to his early winnings, Luke P. and Hannah B. have fiery chemistry (cue: the shirtless massage that took place in the middle of a cocktail party).

Luke P. may have a strong connection with Hannah B., but he doesn’t have the best relationship with the other men in the mansion.

According to recently eliminated Cam, many of the men made a point to stay away from Luke P. because he gave off a “weird vibe.”

“Luke was one of those guys I distanced myself from in the house… I just got a weird vibe from him,” Cam told ET. “He’s a big personality. He’s a former collegiate athlete, so I know he has a very competitive nature… he had a very different approach than the other guys in the house.”

“Several guys [also distanced themselves],” Cam added.

In the most recent episode, Luke P. appeared progressively more unhinged, repeatedly trying to intercept Hannah B. between her interactions with other contestants, despite her telling him to be patient.

In several previews detailing upcoming moments on The Bachelorette, Luke P. is shown yelling at or getting into arguments with other contestants. He’s even addressed his aggressive behavior on Instagram.

Colton Underwood is a fan of Luke P.

Luke P.’s aggression hasn’t made him the most popular guy on Hannah B.’s season, but the contestant has a fan in former Bachelor Colton Underwood.

In a recent interview with ET at iHeartRadio’s Wango Tango concert, Colton said he likes Luke P.

“I actually like Luke P. Listen, if this was anything other than The Bachelorette and the formula and what it is, it would just be a guy who knows what he wants and he’s committed to a girl that he can see himself lasting with. But since there’s other options it’s coming off as a little overbearing. But I’m a fan. I like Luke P.,” he said.

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Colton went on to talk about how The Bachelor and Bachelorette only showcase a small portion of who contestants really are.

“I haven’t [met Luke] yet, but from what I see, it’s so hard because you can’t judge these guys or even Hannah just off of what you’ve seen,” he said. “It is such a small fraction of who they are. Just like, going through it, we can relate a little bit more to that – just like, knowing there’s more to a person,” he added.

“You never know someone’s backstory,” added his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph.

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