'The Bachelorette': John Paul Jones Predicted Luke P.'s Rough Play in The Rugby Match

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was filled to the brim with good ol’ fashioned reality TV drama. Everybody’s favorite loose cannon, Luke P., was at the center of it all, along with Luke S. The group date featured in last night’s episode involved a particularly heated rugby match. At some point during the game, Luke P. supposedly took out Luke S. Luke P. says it was because Luke S. came at him swinging, but Luke S., of course, denies this claim.

Luke P. is a strong guy. Like, much stronger than most of the other men on the show. He’s also a guy who very obviously loves being the strongest of the pack. Prior to the rugby match, he was all charged up to impress Hannah B., the woman he (already) loves.

“I’m giving it all I got for Hannah. I refuse to quit. I’ll never quit on her. I think it’s important to show Hannah that I’m willing to fight for her in this relationship,” he told the camera, very seriously.

He gave his team a little pep talk before the match: “Today, we fight!” he yelled. Peter the pilot looked so incredibly amped and on-board with Luke P.’s sincerity that it was sweet.  

“Hannah on three! One, two, three… Hannah!” The boys in blue and white yelled.  

Luke P. body slamming Luke S.

Everyone started playing, the crowd was cheering and waving their green and blue competitive gear around, Hannah B. was out-of-her-mind excited, and the men seemed to be having fun, too. Until it happened.

“Playing sports in general, playing competitively, will show someone’s true character,” Mike told the camera ominously.

Up until this point in the game, The Bachelorette had certainly been painting Luke P. to look… crazed. They showed him breathing hard with his wide eyes, and just, generally, leaving it all out on the field. When we saw the aftermath of the the scuffle between the Lukes, it was easy to believe Luke S. when he said Luke P. laid him out.

John Paul Jones knew Luke P. would play extra aggressively since his relationship with Hannah B. was on the decline

Before the game even started, though, one contestant knew to be wary of Luke P. ET was at the rugby match and interviewed some of the players before the game. Contestant John Paul Jones said that he was guessing that Luke P. would be playing aggressively.

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“Luke P. is a pretty intense guy and I know he’s been going through a little bit of a rough patch with Hannah recently. So, I think he’s going to try pretty hard to prove himself,” John Paul Jones shared. “So, I think he might be the most rough on the field, but I would say I’ll be the most intense.”

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