'The Bachelorette': The Contestants Fans Love and The Contestants Fans Love To Hate

The Bachelorette is filled with quite the cast of characters this season. Not only does Hannah Brown have a bunch of hotties competing for her heart, but she has a few really polarizing contestants as well. As per usual, Bach fans have taken to Twitter to comment on who they love, and who they love to hate.

The contestants ‘Bachelorette’ fans are here for

After his one-on-one date, Tyler C.’s become a new front runner and fan favorite.

Bachelorette fans have found him especially easy on the eyes.

And as if that weren’t enough, fans have also taken notice of how sweet he is to Hannah B.

Bachelorette fans have also been vocal about their love for Jed.

A lot of people really like that he was honest about his intentions for coming on the show.

Connor S. is another fan favorite. He really stole America’s heart with his sticky note move.

Who could forget about Peter the Pilot? Fans love how cute he is and just about died when he asked Hannah B. to be his girlfriend.

Mike’s getting a lot of love, too.

Some fans even think he should be the next Bachelor.

And then there’s the loveably, quirky wildcard, John Paul Jones. There’s a fan theory floating around that John Paul Jones doesn’t actually know what The Bachelorette is–he just found his way onto a set and decided to stay and enjoy the free chicken nuggets and new friendships.  

The contestants ‘Bachelorette’ fans love to hate

It’s not the biggest shocker that Luke P. is on the list. Fans take to Twitter each week to call out the contestant on his behavior and pray that Hannah B. sees the light.

In fact, people get pretty passionate.  

His aggression, in particular, gets commented on.

And when Mike called him a psychopath and Luke P. held up the definition on his phone, Twitter just about lost its mind.

After the most recent episode, some fans had a problem with both of the Lukes (Luke P. and Luke S.).

Luke S. didn’t win a ton of people over with how he handled the rugby incident.

And though Cam’s gone home, he wasn’t the most popular contestant with fans when he was still on the show.

Bach fans had a field day with his supposed pity rose story.

At the end of the day, we know The Bachelorette editing can be less-than-flattering at times–that the villains are often played up to be worse than they are. And hey, polarizing contestants have a way of finding themselves on Paradise so all is not totally lost for Luke P., Luke S., and Cam.

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