The Black List Partners With MPAC And Pillars Fund For First-Ever Muslim List

EXCLUSIVE: The Black List is partnering with the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) Hollywood Bureau and Pillars Fund to put Muslim screenwriting talent into the spotlight with the inaugural 2020 Muslim List. Starting today, submissions for the Muslim List will be open and will close on December 4. Writers may submit their scripts any time during that period, with an evaluations purchase deadline of November 4

Feature films and original pilots will be considered for the first-ever Muslim List. Selected writers will be notified between January and February 2021. The Muslim List is part of The Black List’s numerous partnerships to help amplify voices from screenwriters from underrepresented backgrounds. This includes the GLAAD List, CAPE List, Latinx Feature and TV Lists, the Disability List and the forthcoming Indigenous List.

“We are honored to be in partnership with The Black List and Pillars Fund on The Muslim List,” said Sue Obeidi, MPAC. “The struggle of underrepresented communities continues and this collaboration gives us the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the voices of incredibly talented people. We are grateful to Franklin Leonard and his team for elevating the voices and stories of Muslims and those of the communities that came before us.”

“The Black List does incredible work to push great stories out into the world, and Pillars is thrilled to partner with them to uplift the work of talented Muslim storytellers,” added Arij Mikati, Pillars Fund. “Through the Muslim List, we are eager for Hollywood to get the chance to see, hear, learn from, celebrate, and ultimately, support these Muslim writers as they tell their own stories, their own way.”

The Black List’s Kate Hagen points out that Hollywood has a history of depicting Muslim characters through a limited lens, failing to include the full, beautiful spectrum of the community. The lack of proper representation can and has impacted Muslims all around the world. “At a time when narrative storytelling is more important than ever in changing hearts and minds, The Black List is thrilled to partner with MPAC and Pillars Fund to shine a spotlight on fantastic Muslim storytelling, and hope this partnership is the first of many more to come,” said Hagen.

The requirements for The Muslim List are below:

  • Writers should identify as Muslim. While writers can be from any country of origin, they must currently reside in the US.
  • Writing teams are eligible as long as one member of the team identifies as Muslim
  • Scripts can be multilingual as long as they are written primarily in English
  • Feature films and original television pilots accepted, no webseries

More details can be found here.

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