'The Challenge: All Stars 3' Introduces the Ability to Sabotage

The Challenge: All Stars 3 has returned with new yet familiar competitors as well as returning players hoping to take home the $250,000 prize. This season also introduced new twists, including the Sabotage power and the Stars twist.

The Sabotage power and Stars twist is introduced in ‘The Challenge: All Stars 3’

The Challenge: All Stars 3 features a cast consisting only of contenders who have previously qualified for the finals during the flagship series. Additionally, it introduces a couple of twists.

One includes The Sabotage, which gives the fastest male and female players to complete the daily mission the power to disrupt any player they choose as the following challenge. Wes Bergmann and Sylvia Elsrode are the first to use the new advantage.

She debated using hers against Kendal Darnell, believing she’s “super quiet,” or KellyAnne Judd, considering her a threat. Ultimately, Sylvia chose KellyAnne, which backfired as Kendal finished top six and joined the Authority, while the former struggled to complete the puzzle.

Wes also misused his advantage as he sabotaged Jordan Wiseley, who still finished within the top two. Season 3 also features the Stars twist, where a player who eliminates someone receives that competitor’s stars, which are worn on their jerseys. Host TJ Lavin hasn’t revealed the power but hinted that the advantage gets more potent with the number of stars.

Previous seasons of ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ featured Lifeshield and Lifesaver twists

Last season, the players had to navigate the Lifeshield twist, which elimination winners earned after sending someone home.

The holders can use the power if they finish last in a competition to avoid the Arena or save an elimination nominee selected by the daily mission winners. If the player uses the Lifeshield due to a last-place finish, they can pick a replacement.

However, if the holder chooses to save an elimination nominee, the challenge winners must select the replacement on the spot. The Lifeshield was used on eight different competitors throughout the season, with Ayanna Mackins getting saved the most with a total of three times.

Season 1 only featured the Lifesaver, given to the winning captain of the gender not competing in that week’s Arena. The holders can save the house nomination from participating in the elimination with the advantage. If used, the group must select a replacement on the spot.

Four players have already been eliminated from ‘The Challenge: All Stars 3’

The Challenge: All Stars 3 kicked off with a classic puzzle competition that Wes and Sylvia won, earning the first sabotage of the season. However, Syrus Yarbough and Cynthia Roberts lost, landing them in elimination.

Despite feeling safe with ally Veronica Portillo in the Authority, which consists of the top six players who choose which male and female the mission losers will compete against, Tina Bridges found herself in the season’s first Arena as the group voted in the second-to-last finishers.

Therefore, Tyler Duckworth found himself in elimination as well. Tina and Syrus were declared the winners, earning Cynthia and Tyler’s stars. During episode 2, the Authority – Yes Duffy, Kendal Darnell, Jonna Mannion, Brad Fiorenza, Kailah Casillas, and Jordan – agreed to save one male and female player and then vote on the outliers.

It came down to Mark Long and Melinda Collins facing the challenge’s losers, Laterrian Wallace and Tina. As Melinda quit due to an injured ankle she sustained during last season’s finals, Tina won, and Mark eventually came out on top. Even though Tina didn’t battle against her friend, she earned Melinda’s stars, bringing her total to three. The Challenge: All Stars 3 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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