'The Challenge' Season 37: Behind-the-Scenes Footage Shows Cast Prepping for Reunion Special

MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 cast is one of the most diverse the show has ever seen. The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies cast began with 17 international players competing alongside U.S. players, and the season also saw more rookies than ever before. Once the winner is announced, the cast will reunite for plenty of drama during the reunion special. Here’s what the cast members posted while prepping for the reunion.

‘The Challenge’ Season 37 cast members posted behind-the-scenes footage prior to filming the reunion

While fans watch MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 cast continue to duke it out on the show, the cast recently prepped for the reunion special in real life. The Challenge Season 37 winners have officially been crowned, and we expect to see sparks fly when the cast reunites. A Reddit user posted video footage of the cast prepping to come together and talk about the season.

The compilation video first featured Nelson Thomas in Amsterdam. “We just left the makeup and dressing room right now,” Nelson said in another clip. “We have 20 minutes to get ready.” He then showed rookie player Emanuel Neagu and veteran player Fessy Shafaat in the room with him. Nelson also shared footage of Kyle Christie in the room next to his.

Additionally, Kyle added footage of his own, as did Devin Walker. Devin seemed to share a room with Josh Martinez to get ready for the reunion, and he also posted footage of rookie player Emy Alupei getting ready. And Tori Deal showed up in Devin’s footage.

Rookie player Berna Canbeldek tagged Esther Agunbiade in her Instagram footage of reunion prep.

The reunion reportedly gets heated between some members of the cast

The reunion footage posted by The Challenge Season 37 cast made it look as if the cast members were getting along quite well. And perhaps they were prior to getting into the reunion. According to Monsters & Critics, plenty of drama goes down when the cast starts answering questions and calling each other out on stage.

It seems Amanda Garcia is the source of a lot of drama to come. Reports claim she and Tori exchanged fighting words during the event. It’s unclear what the nature of their fight entails, but it could have to do with their situations with Fessy outside of the show. Amanda and Michele Fitzgerald are also likely to have a confrontation, as Amanda told her Instagram followers she’s going to expose Michele bad-mouthing contestants to her.

Additionally, spoiler accounts note Amber Borzotra and Kaycee Clark get into a heated argument. Amber and Kaycee were members of the Big Brother alliance, but their alliance crumbled due to tension between Amber and Fessy.

Not everyone from ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 makes it to the reunion

While fans can anticipate seeing most of MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 cast at the reunion, not everyone makes it. Heavy reports Cory Wharton won’t make it to the reunion special due to his vaccination status against coronavirus (COVID-19).

“No challenge reunion for me, they said due to my vaccination status,” Cory tweeted. “They are really strong-arming [people] nowadays. Smh.”

The Challenge crew likely wanted to stay vigilant with their coronavirus protocol. But the Netherlands also has strict rules for visitors from other countries. Heavy reports travelers from the U.S. “can only enter the Netherlands if they are fully vaccinated.”

The Challenge Season 37 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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