The Flash season 7: Viewers demand Bart Allen spin-off after finale debut

The Flash: Barry Allen faces Godspeed in teaser trailer

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Jordan Fisher finally debuted as Bart Allen in this week’s penultimate episode of The Flash season seven. DC fans are already hoping to see a lot more of the young speedster when the CW’s comic book universe returns later this year.

Bart Allen stunned comic book fans in his first appearance at the start of the two-part season finale of The Flash.

‘Heart of the Matter, Part 1’ introduced the newcomer as the son of Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) and Iris West (Candice Patton) who travel back in time from 2049.

Bart’s sister Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) was originally introduced in season four, and briefly met up with her brother at the very end of last week’s episode.

Her brother’s official debut was so well received, fans have already started petitioning for the duo to lead their own spin-off away from the action of the main series.

One Twitter user congratulated Jordan Fisher, posting: “What a performance.

“I already love Bart, we need a spin-off of him; congrats man.”

Another fan wrote: “That was easily the best episode of the season. This Godspeed arc has really saved what was seeming like a really lackluster season. #TheFlash

“Also, I would 100% watch a spin off with Nora and Bart. Just sayin’.”

In the first episode of season seven’s two-part conclusion, Bart and Nora arrive in present day to help their parents take down the sinister speedster, Godspeed (Karan Oberoi).

The life of Barry’s son is thrown into jeopardy heading into the final episode of the current season, which will bring together heroes from The Flash’s past, present and future to take down their new rival.

Although Bart’s fate is up in the air, it’s assumed he’ll be revived in time to return alongside his sister for more adventures in the confirmed season eight.

Responses to The Flash’s latest instalment have been disappointing so far, as much of the audience have felt the focus has drifted away from the show’s central hero.

Thankfully, Bart’s introduction has managed to breathe new life into the long-running superhero series, and it’s hoped the momentum will continue throughout the next season.

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Fans were equally impressed on Reddit discussion forums, noting Fisher and Kennedy’s enthusiastic performances as the two futuristic heroes.

“I can so see a spinoff of Nora and Bart happening,” said one user. “They have good chemistry as siblings.”

And another replied: “Anyone else hoping they make a Nora and Bart spinoff?

“I can see either a spinoff or them taking over as leads for the show.”

In addition to appeals for a new spin-off for The Flash, some viewers even speculated Fisher and Kennedy could take over from Grant Gustin as the two new co-leads for the series.

Although Gustin has yet to confirm his departure, the current Flash could be swapped out for some young blood if Bart and Nora continue to prove popular amongst fans.

A final fan speculated: “Out there possibility: Season eight is the slow transition to Nora and Bart taking over as leads of the show.”

Season eight is confirmed to premiere this November, so viewers hopefully don’t have long to wait before the two new speedsters return to screens.

The Flash season 7 concludes on Tuesday, July 20 on the CW.

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