The Flight Attendant: Young Cassie star on difficulty of portraying a child alcoholic

Kaley Cuoco on second series of the Flight Attendant

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The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco returns to her first major role after starring in the CBS sitcom for 12 years later this month. US viewers have already had the chance to watch the first four episodes of The Flight Attendant’s second season on HBO Max, but, while UK fans wait for the series to return to Sky and NOW, caught up with the youngest member of the show’s main cast to talk about coming back to the surprise hit thriller.

Audrey, 13, told the Express why it was so difficult portraying a young girl on the verge of alcoholism in her breakout role in The Flight Attendant.

The actress portrays a younger version of Kaley’s troubled hero Cassie Bowden, a flight attendant who gets caught up in a wild murder mystery.

During the first season, she acts opposite Jason Jones as Cassie’s father Hank, who introduces her to alcohol while abusing her older brother, Davey (Owen Asztalos).

“I’ve obviously never had any trauma like that,” Audrey explained. “So it was a little difficult at first to get into it.”

Cassie’s alcoholism starts to affect her day-to-day life in an explosive way when she wakes up from a blackout next to the dead body of Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman).

Having little to no recollection of the night after they slept together, Cassie enlists the help of her lawyer friend Annie Mouradian (Zosia Mamet) to ensure she isn’t pinned to Alex’s murder.

However, as she delves deeper and deeper into the case, she eventually realises she has been suppressing some horrific truths about her childhood.

Thankfully, Audrey didn’t tap into any real experiences when portraying Cassie’s early descent into addiction, making her performance even more impressive.

She continued: “I just try and relate to times where I felt mad or upset.

“Sort of a little bit of those emotions and then just take them to an extreme and just play around a little.”

Despite the show’s adult themes, Audrey was able to watch back The Flight Attendant’s first eight episodes in preparation for season two.

“I was able to [watch it], my parents will always let me watch stuff,” she confirmed.

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“They’ll say it’s good learning purposes to watch more adult stuff!

“So I did get to watch, which I was very glad of. And it also helps with the role in season two, getting to see the whole backstory.”

While he hasn’t returned for season two, Audrey’s primary co-star Jason was also a big help in ensuring the show’s younger cast was comfortable during the first season’s more hard-hitting scenes.

“He was really amazing to work with,” Audrey remembered.

“He’s a really great actor, really funny, too. He reminds me of a real Dad.

“He’s very fun to be around, and it was very fun to act off of him because our characters sort of had the same energy. So I really loved having scenes with him.”

Season two will see young Cassie coming up against her older self to an even greater extent, so expect to see much more of the rising star when The Flight Attendant returns to the UK.

This time round, the flawed heroine has managed to reach one year sober, but could her success take a hit when she uncovers an even more elaborate conspiracy?

The Flight Attendant season 2 is available to watch on HBO Max in the USA and will premiere in the UK on Sky Max and NOW on May 26.

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