The Handmaids Tale season 4: Fans expose plot hole in Nicks plans to save June

The Handmaid's Tale: Trailer for fourth series released

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Nick Blaine (played by Max Minghella) has never been comfortable in his role as Commander. However, the secret spy of Gilead has slowly been making moves to rescue the innocent citizens of the totalitarian state. However, fans have now begun to discuss the character’s actions in season four as they have noticed an inconsistency with the character’s motives, and a seeming plot hole in his plans to save his lover June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss).

WARNING: Spoilers for The Handmaid’s Tale season four below.

The dystopian series, adapted by Bruce Miller, is a horrifying watch as Handmaids are subjected to persistent rape and slavery after a second Civil War renders the majority of women infertile.

June Osborne is the show’s fearless leader and she has an interesting relationship with spy and newly appointed Commander Nick Blaine.

Despite their suffering, June and Nick managed to find love and they later had a daughter named Holly.

However, the two have a complicated relationship, to say the least, but it is clear throughout the series that Nick will do anything to save the mother of his child.

Fans of the series have discussed the latest season, and many are confused by Nick’s actions.

Taking to Reddit, one fan put forward an inconsistency in Nick’s character which wreaks havoc with the narrative that he’s trying to save June.

They explained that Nick was unable to convince the Commanders to support Lawrence’s (Bradley Whitford) proposal as he is “still learning how to play the game”, as well as “underestimating Lawrence’s nine lives”.

They continued: “The misstep that felt more out of character to me is that Nick had to be reminded by Lawrence that there are other, maybe better information channels in Gilead – namely, the Martha network.

“These were Nick’s people since Beth got introduced in Season 1, and the escape at the end of Season 2.

“Not sure why he would rely only on the Eyes at this point when searching for June,” they concluded.

And the fan seems onto something as a look back at the series supports the supposed plot hole, with Nick often assisting the Marthas over the Eyes.

In season one, it was discovered by June that Nick was an Eye, a member of the secret police in Gilead.

The Eye’s purpose is to spy on the residents of Gilead for any signs of rebellion.

Should a citizen find themselves guilty, the Eye kidnaps, tortures, and murders them.

However, Nick has often found himself in a difficult position as he also has ties to The Marthas’ network, a self-organised resistance group used to exchange news and secrets.

Other fans agreed that Nick should have known better as he is a high-ranking member of the Eye, and has known about the Marthas for years.

One person responded to the original Reddit post, saying: “Episode 5 really made it clear to me just how much Nick feels like a fish out of water in this Commander role.

“He is SO visibly young compared to all the other Commanders sitting on the council and is also all the way to the end, which I don’t think is an accident,” they speculated.

Perhaps it is Nick’s youth and inexperience opposite the other members that has led the mistakes.

They continued by observing that “Nick’s love for June is becoming less and less hidden and it might be causing him to slip”, as well as the character not being a “Commander type/power hungry kind of guy”.

June and Nick have been sneaking around with their romance since season one so could he, after all this time, have had enough with hiding and his true feelings for her are coming out?

This will undoubtedly be extremely dangerous for Nick going forward, especially considering he is juggling so many moving parts.

Nick previously told Commander Lawrence that he was unable to move on from June, despite them being separated after she escaped.

Hopefully, Nick will reunite with June and the two continue to fight alongside one another.

In the meantime, Nick must be careful in Gilead as his position, and life, could be in jeopardy.

The Handmaid’s Tale season four continues every Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4 and is available to stream on All 4.

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