'The Last Kingdom': Alexander Dreymon Shares Memorable Image With Uhtred and an Easter Bunny, Fans React

Easter has finally arrived, and that means photos of the Easter bunny are making the rounds on social media. One of those images was recently used in a memorable image involving The Last Kingdom’s Uhtred’s (Alexander Dreymon) face shared by the actor who plays him. We have all the details, including what fans are saying.

Uhtred in ‘The Last Kingdom’

Uhtred is the main character in the hit series The Last Kingdom. Born as a Saxon from Bebbanburg and heir to the lands it holds, Uhtred’s father, Lord Uhtred (), dies when he’s killed by the Danes. Uhtred, who is only a boy at the time, is then abducted by Earl Ragnar (), whom he tries to fight after watching his father be murdered. But tragedy follows Uhtred a number of times after as well. 

Although taken as a slave, Uhtred becomes a son to Earl Ragnar and is part of the family. He assimilates into the Viking culture, adopting their customs and beliegs. Years later, he watches most of his family be burned alive. His enemies, Kjartan (), his son, Sven (), and his Uncle Aelfric are behind the tragedy, and Uhtred begins his journey to seek revenge and gain his lands back. He teams up with King Alfred of Wessex (David Dawson), and they have a pretty complicated relationship over the years that’s memorable to witness.

Uhtred tries to find his place in the world when he’s standing in two camps – with the Saxons and the Danes.

Alexander Dreymon shares a memorable image with Uhtred and an Easter bunny


Images of kids with Easter bunnies that are a little creepy have been known to be shared on social media. One such image has made the rounds before of a kid with his fingers laced together as he sits on a bunny’s lap. The bunny is pink with rather creepy black eyes outlined in blue with pink floppy ears. On Easter on April 4, 2021, Alexander Dreymon shared a rather unique version of the image with his fans on social media.

There is a filter and frame around the image that shows Uhtred’s head pasted onto where the boy’s head is. Uhtred’s hair is shaved on the sides, and he looks rather serious in the picture as he sits on the bunny’s lap. It makes it look like Uhtred has a boy’s body while seated on the lap of a creepy bunny. 

Dreymon captioned the post on Instagram with: “🖤🐰 #happyeaster.” He also tagged Netflix and The Last Kingdom’s Instagram accounts.

Fans react

As can be expected, fans have a lot of thoughts about the altered image, and they commented on the post. At the time of publishing this article, over 30,000 people had already liked it and over 700 people commented on it.

One fan says the “rabbit” in the image “will give” them “nightmares,” and honestly, we can understand that sentiment. It’s not the most welcoming bunny to be taking part in Easter photos with kids. 

“That rabbit will give me nightmares,” the fan said.

One fan jokes that the image isn’t that creepy, even though it seriously is to some fans. “😂 That’s not creep AT. ALL,” they said.

“That rabbit is horrifying 😧,” said another fan.

Other fans made comments like, “Haha love you❤️,” and “Perfect😂😂.”

Some fans see the humor in the whole thing. “Omg that is funny 😂😂❤️🙌😍,” a fan said.

One fan calls in the “best thing” they’ve seen this morning, and it’s safe to say they aren’t the only ones that feel that way. “Best thing I’ve seen all morning,” they said.

Some fans have questions like, “Why you look so scared….?😂” 

Another fan mentions that Uhtred looks “a little nervousin the image in question. “You look a little nervous….😬,” they said.

“Well that’s something I’ll never forget seeing. 😮,” a fan added.

Fans seem to appreciate Alexander Dreymon’s latest post featuring Uhtred and an Easter bunny.

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