The Last Kingdom season 5: Who is Eadgifu?

The Last Kingdom's opening title sequence from BBC

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The Last Kingdom season five will be on Netflix soon and it marks the last instalment in the historical drama. As Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon) realises his ultimate destiny, he will meet some new friends and foes along the way. One of the new additions is Eadgifu (Sonya Cassidy)- but who is she?

Who is Eadgifu in The Last Kingdom?

The Last Kingdom fans were devastated to hear the Anglo-Saxon series would be coming to an end after season five.

They were, however, thrilled to discover a new film is being made, titled Seven Kings Must Die.

The feature-length Netflix film will continue to star Dreymon as protagonist Uhtred as his story finally comes to an end.

Season five will pave the way for the events of the highly-anticipated film.

One of the new characters is Eadgifu of Kent, who became King Edward’s (Timothy Innes) third wife.

The real historical figure married Edward in 919 and became the mother of two sons and two daughters.

She was known to have lost out on some land in Kent, which had been given by her father to a man called Goda.

The queen was able to claim back the last six years after her father died, with help from King Edward.

As she is due to appear in season five, it seems Edward’s second wife, Aleflaed (Amelia Clarkson) may get her comeuppance.

Aelflaed was not a fan of Edward’s mother, Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth) as they shared different views on the succession of the crown.

Aelswith said her grandson Aethelstan (Harry Gilby) should become king, whereas Aelflaed believed her son should take the crown.

Aelflaed and her father, Lord Aethelhelm (Adrian Schiller) both wanted Aelswith out of the picture.

Aethelhelm tried to poison Aelswith, but promotional photos for season five show she is still alive.

If Edward finds out his wife assisted in an assassination attempt on his mother, she will pay the price.

With this in mind, it seems Aelflaed may die in the fifth season, making way for Eadgifu.

The official Instagram account for The Last Kingdom shared a photo of the character.

A quote reads: “Thirty pieces of silver? That is the cost of betrayal I believe.”

Not much else is known about the new character at this moment in time.

She is played by Sonya Cassidy, a 34-year-old British actress who has previously starred in The Paradise and Vera.

Her character should not be mistaken with Eadgifu of Wessex, who was the Queen of the West Franks as the wife of King Charles.

She is the daughter of King Edward and his wife Aelflaed.

As the final season is expected to include a big time jump, it is feasible for her to make an appearance.

Eadgifu had two other sisters called Eadgyth and Eadhild, who both married continental rulers.

She became the second wife of the King of the West Franks in 917.

The queen went on to have a son, who became King Louis IV of France, whom she took to England in 923.

He was brought up in the same court as his half-brother Aethelstan, who became the first King of England.

The Last Kingdom seasons 1-4 are on Netflix now.

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