The Repair Shops Jay Blades fights tears as young guest recalls dads death So brave

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Jay Blades was introduced to Heather McPherson and her 12-year-old grandson Jacob on the latest instalment of The Repair Shop. Jacob hoped expert Will Kirk would be able to restore a wooden dining table which was very precious to him. Jay had to hold back tears when Jacob explained he used to sit around the table with his father who tragically died in recent years. 

Heather explained the table originally belonged to her great-great-grandmother and dated back to the late Victorian era. 

“It was the family table when the children and Jacob’s dad and his aunt were growing up,” she explained.

Jacob opened up about sharing many heartwarming memories with his dad Barnaby around the table when he was younger. 

“I remember having meals with him and I remember doing arts and crafts,” the youngster told Jay and Will. 

“So I just remember my dad being around the table.” 

When Jay asked if Barnaby was still in the picture, Jacob explained with a heavy heart his father died several years ago. 

Jacob was one when his dad was hit by a car and he ended up suffering post-traumatic epilepsy.

Jacob heartbreakingly said: “When I was about six we went to Disneyland and we had a good time. 

“And then a couple of months later he passed away.” 

His grandmother said Jacob has been “incredibly brave” and wanted the table restored to remember the fond memories around it with his father. 

“Normally we would sit around the table and have roast chicken which was my dad’s favourite,” Jacob said as he showed Will and Jay how wobbly the table had become. 

“Whenever I sit at the table I feel like my dad is with me and that whenever I am laughing he is laughing somewhere with me and sharing the joy of being with my family. It’s quite nice.”

Jay, who was fighting back tears, told Jacob: “To see you and how brave you are – you’re inspiring.”

 “It’s just, wow,” an emotional Jay who was struggling to speak added. “We can give it a future, I am sure we can.” 

Will got to work restoring the pine table and later in the episode Jacob and Heather returned to the barn to see the renovated piece of furniture. 

Jacob gasped when he saw the revamped item and tearfully said: “It looks amazing, it looks absolutely beautiful, it doesn’t look like the old thing it used to be.” 

“I am overwhelmed, it looks more amazing than I ever remember, thank you so much.” 

Jay and Will were thrilled to put a smile on the grateful youngster’s face, with Will adding: “It was a challenge but I know how much it means to you, Jacob. 

Jay added: “Thanks for bringing this in and hopefully you can make more memories with this now.” 

The Repair Shop continues next Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One. 

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