The Talk co-host Elaine Welteroth 'complained of racial insensitivity on set which launched the internal investigation'

THE Talk co-host Elaine Welteroth "complained of racial insensitivity on set which launched the internal investigation."

The daytime talk show is currently under "internal review" following Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood's fight about Piers Morgan.

Paige Six reported that Elaine, 34, and her hairstylist complained about the alleged “racially insensitive and hostile environment” on the show.

A source claimed: “Elaine Welteroth and her hairstylist complained to HR over Sharon Osbourne’s recent exchange with Sheryl Underwood.

“They said they don’t feel comfortable working in a racially insensitive and hostile environment, and this complaint launched the investigation.”

The source added that Sharon, 68, also felt set up by The Talk producers following her fight with Sheryl, 57.

The source continued: “Showrunners Heather Gray and Kristin Matthews were confronted by Sharon after Wednesday’s show, and she grilled them about why they didn’t prepare her for what was coming from Sheryl.

“Sharon felt the producers had been ordered not to prepare her and let her be blindsided on live TV because it would be more explosive and get more publicity. She is furious.”

The insider added: “There’s a lot of finger-pointing going on behind the scenes. The Talk is in full self-destruct mode; everyone is throwing whoever they can under the bus.”

It was reported on Sunday that The Talk is on hiatus amid the "internal review" following Sharon and Sheryl's heated discussion over Piers' commentary on Meghan Markle's public perception.

Deadline broke the news that two upcoming episodes have been postponed for early next week, and revealed that the scheduled guests Elizabeth Vargas and Carly Pearce will no longer be in attendance.

An inside source confirmed the two-day hiatus to The Sun, as they shared "staff is blindsided and were not given an explanation." 

In a statement on Friday, CBS shared: “We are committed to a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace.

“All matters related to the Wednesday episode of The Talk are currently under internal review.”

Sharon came under public scrutiny when she stood up for her friend Piers during a conversation with Sheryl Underwood during Wednesday's episode of The Talk.

Meanwhile, Sheryl claimed that Piers showed “racial implications with the way he spoke about Meghan” while guest starring on the show in the past.

The British TV personality then argued: “Why is it that because I supported a longtime friend and work colleague for years, people go ‘well you must be racist because he’s racist.’ 

“No. I support his freedom of speech. I’m not racist and neither is Piers racist.

“What have I ever said about anybody that’s racist? It’s not within me. It’s not in my soul.”

She continued: “I have friends in my life and I speak up for my friend. If he ever needed me, I’d be there for him."

“But I feel like I’m about to be put in the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is a racist so that makes me a racist.”

The cohosts continued to argue their opinions, while a source previously revealed to The Sun that both sides “refused to apologize.” 

Following backlash from fans, Sharon issued an apology on her Instagram page and wrote: “After some reflection, after sitting with your comments and sitting with my heart I would like to address the discussion on The Talk this past Wednesday.

"I have always been embraced with so much love and support from the black community and I have deep respect and love for the black community. To anyone of colour that I offended and/or anyone that feels confused and let down by what I said I am sorry.

"I felt panicked, truly blindsided, got defensive and allowed my fear and horror of being accused of being racist take over."

Sharon has also found herself at the center of controversy when former The Talk co-host Holly Robinson Peete claimed the Brit called her "too ghetto" and had her fired from The Talk.

Holly, 56, took to Twitter after the on-air fight and wrote: "I’m old enough to remember when Sharon complained that I was too 'ghetto' for #theTalk…then I was gone. 

"I bring this up now bc I was mortified watching the disrespectful condescending tone she took w/her co host who remained calm & respectful because…she HAD to.”

Sharon then defended herself by posting an email from Holly, who was on The Talk for one season in 2010, on Instagram.

She captioned the email: "In response to @hollyrpeete Holly Robinson Peete’s accusation of me getting her fired from @thetalkcbs and saying she was ‘too ghetto’ to be on The Talk. 

“I never once uttered those words and I am sharing an email sent to me from Holly one month after she was let go by CBS. As I have stated before, I have never had the ability/authority to get anyone fired from @thetalkcbs and Ms. Peete’s email speaks for itself.”

In the alleged email from Holly, dated September 19, 2011, the actress and talk show host appeared to be on good terms. 

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