The Walking Dead: World Beyond trailer teases crossover with main show and Rick Grimes movies

THE Walking Dead: World Beyond trailer has teased a crossover with the main show and the Rick Grimes movies.

The latest series to join The Walking Dead universe debuts in October and is set 10 years after the zombie apocalypse.

A new 30-second clip has been shared on the show's official Twitter account and sheds a bit more light on the teen characters who are the first generation to come-of-age in the altered world.

One clip in particular has caught fans of the franchise's attention, as it features a shoot out with the Civil Republic Military – or CRM – an organisation that has popped up in The Walking Dead and fellow spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead.

The organisation's appearance also links World Beyond to the Rick Grimes film trilogy currently in the works, after the character was taken by a CRM helicopter in season nine of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond showrunner Matt Negrete told "The thing I'll say about this show that is so exciting is it's brand new characters, obviously.

"It's like we've never seen characters like this before. And it's a young perspective, it's a fresh perspective. But people can also just jump right on because we're starting a fresh story.

"But at the same time, we're building on things that the other shows have done before. We're introducing a new world that involves this mythology, that involves these people that are known by this symbol that has three rings on it.

"And you know, we saw Rick leave The Walking Dead season nine in a helicopter that had this symbol on it. And we're gonna be seeing a lot more of these helicopter.

"So it's tied in this part of this bigger world that we've seen on all the shows, but at the same time, it's fresh, it's different and it stands on its own. So I'm so excited."

Franchise boss Scott M Gimple also recently revealed that fans will learn a lot about the CRM in World Beyond.

He said last month: "They're a constant presence in this story and it explains a lot towards what we've seen in other shows and it invites new questions."

As for crossovers, he added: "They do share a universe, so where there are opportunities, we want to take them."

The Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres on Sunday, October 4 on AMC in the US and Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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