This Morning viewers outraged as cruel Grinch groomer dyes dog bright green

This Morning viewers were left outraged when a man appeared on the show with his dog he had dyed green to look like the Grinch.

Professional dog groomer Gabriel Feitosa joined hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield live from San Diego in the USA as he defended his work after claims that his canine creativity was cruel.

Gabriel went viral with posts of the pooch after using natural dyes to tint his fur green so he could take on the festive persona made famous by Jim Carrey.

The dog lover wanted to defend his choice in creating the look as he chatted with Phil and Holly about reactions to his work.

He said: "Actually I was surprised with the reaction that happened on the internet. The Grinch look, a lot of people were very happy. I got a lot of calls of people wanting to bring their dog, flying from New York, everywhere, to make their dog a Grinch.

"But I also got a lot of people that were concerned about what kind of dye are we using, what happened, should I do that to a dog?"

Philip interrupted and said: "Let's answer those questions now then. What kind of dye are you using? Is it safe for the dog? Are you absolutely happy that the dog is happy?"

Gabriel replied: "Yeah, well Charlie is very happy, right Charlie? And everything is vegan, non-toxic, it's developed for animals."

Disgusted viewers however were not convinced by the segment and took to Twitter to air their dismay at the "cruel" use of dogs as props.

One person wrote: "I can’t help but think it’s cruel. Let a dog be a dog."

Another added: "Even if this is 'safe for the dog' what is the point? Using a living being to gain attention and popularity for yourself? It does absolutely nothing for the dog, just causes extra hassle for them. I hate animals being used as props."

A third said: "Why on earth would anyone do that to a dog, it's totally wrong. Bloody stupid idiot."

The criticism continued as viewers questioned who had made the decision to even give something so controversial air time.

One angry viewer posted: "Don’t know what’s worse these people doing that to a dog or This Morning giving them airtime."

A second tweeted: "This segment is so irresponsibly dangerous. It’ll encourage others and they may not get 'pet-friendly' dye."

A concerned third viewer said: "This is the the reason dogs will turn on us and no longer be our friends."

A fourth wrote: "Erm, I’m sorry but that’s not right poor dog a dog is meant to be a dog. Fact!"

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV

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