This Morning's Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond clash in on-air 'tiff' after he refuses to watch her social videos

THIS Morning stars Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond shared an awkward moment on the show today when she told him off on-air.

She told him: "I feel like this is our first tiff – live on-the-air to the nation."

The former Big Brother star, 46, seemed upset when she busted Dermot for switching off her social media videos.

Clocking that he didn't know what happened at the end of one of them, she said: "He always watches my videos but he doesn’t watch until the end because he gets so bored."

Dermot replied: "I watch the first five seconds so I get the gist."

Not satisfied, Alison replied: "That’s not enough. If you’re going to watch my videos, you’ve got to watch them until the end, babes."

He asked: "How long are they all?" with her replying: "Most of the time just a minute. Have you not got a minute of my time?"

He told her: "I've got two and a half hours every day."

Alison said: "I feel like this is our first tiff live on-the-air to the nation. You've got to watch all my videos babe, I watch all your videos."

He replied, baffled: "I don't do any videos. She knows full well."

Dermot added sarcastically: "OK, I promise Alison, I'm really looking forward to watching all your videos."

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