TOWIE stars kicked off flight home after flouting safety rules on way to Madrid

A group of TOWIE stars were reportedly kicked off a flight to London after breaking airline policy on an aircraft at 30,000ft by vaping and refusing to wear masks.

Nine members of the Only Way is Essex cast, made up of five women and four men, were on board and some had refused to comply with airline safety rules during an initial flight to Madrid following filming in the Dominican Republic.

One of the reality TV stars was reportedly openly vaping on the jet, while another five, said to include James "Diags" Bennewith, refused to comply with Air Europa's in-flight policy which requires wearing masks while seated.

Three new cast members – including Pia Smith – were allegedly among those removed from the London flight.

Pia later took to Instagram and said with a series of images and videos speaking about the situation, with the first showing her looking disgruntled with the caption: "Would only be us."

In a video she said: "We got chucked off a flight 'cause we didn't wear masks, there was like half the cast that got chucked off so then we've had to sit in Madrid airport for 10 hours."

Meanwhile, Diags said on Instagram story: "We've been flying for 24 hours now. Still not home. We got thrown off a flight in Madrid for no reason at all. Missed our next flight 'cause we didn't have enough time 'cause the bags didn't come off and now we're stuck in Madrid."

He also tagged co-stars Dan Edgar and Jordan Brook, showing them in the video too.

An insider said: “Fumes were visible above their seats. They were asked to stop but refused. It was appalling behaviour. Absolutely idiotic.”

Requests by flight crew to oblige were ignored, according to insiders, and police were on hand to meet the aircraft as it arrived in the Spanish capital at 11.25am yesterday (Tuesday).

The TOWIE stars who broke rules were refused permission to board the connecting flight to London and the other cast members, who had not caused any issue on board, left with them.

The Gatwick bound plane took off more than an hour and 15 minutes late as the group's baggage was removed from the aircraft.

The aeroplane touched down in the UK at 5.30pm without the ITVBe cast, who had to find another way back.

An insider told The Sun: “This lunatic behaviour brings shame on ITV and the entire TOWIE show. They were refusing to adhere to safety and security rules, and giving it the ‘big one’.

“They now face a struggle to return to the UK – and can expect short shrift from ITV bosses when they do get home.”

An Air Europa spokeswoman was reported as saying: "There was an incident on the flight. Following protocol, several passengers were asked to leave the plane for refusing to wear the mandatory masks and one of them for smoking inside the aircraft. While leaving the plane, they were accompanied by other passengers without further incident.

There was no suggestion that any of the TOWIE group were aggressive or threatening, but those who broke rules may now face a large fine for their actions.

Spain's Civil Guard said: “At 2.55pm today the captain of the police requested our presence on board a plane at Madrid’s Barajas Airport which had touched down from the Dominican Republic to deal with people we were told were causing a public order disturbance."

They added: “While officers were carrying out the process of identifying all the people that were removed from the plane so they can be notified of the amount of the fines at a future date, they’ve ended up missing their onward flight.

“Police are accompanying them to another flight bound for the UK so they can leave Madrid tonight. No arrests were made and after being accompanied off the earlier flight, the nine people removed were very co-operative.”

A police source added that there was "vaping going on" and the group was openly disobeying orders from the flight crew.

It is thought a police report will now be passed on to the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency to decide the size of the fine.

The report is expected to include a formal complaint by the Air Europa captain about the actions on board the plane he was responsible for.

Daily Star has contacted a TOWIE representative for comment.

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