‘Uncomfortable’ University Challenge viewers accuse contestant of ‘ignoring’ teammate

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University Challenge headed into the quarter-finals on Monday night with Reading University and Birmingham University going head to head. Jeremy Paxman hosted the BBC quiz show, but some viewers were left distracted by the behaviour of one contestant. Birmingham’s team captain Michael Joel Bartelle came under fire with fans of the show accusing him of “ignoring” his teammate Jamie Sajit.

Opening the show, Paxman told viewers: “The quarter-final stage of this competition begins tonight which means we enter a realm in which a simple win is no longer enough.

“Teams must win twice in this stage if they are to progress.

“So, a team that wins two matches goes through to the semi-finals, a team that loses two matches goes home, and a team that wins one match and loses another must play again and win if they’re to go through as well,” he explained.

Paxman praised both teams for their previous successful performances on the show.

“Both teams playing tonight have an impressive track record so far, so we could be in for a close match,” he said.

However, once the match got underway some viewers pointed out Birmingham University contestant Bartelle seemed to mostly be conferring with just two of his teammates.

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, some viewers accused the team captain of “ignoring” Sajit.

@Munchbunch87 said: “#UniversityChallenge Looks like Bartelle is going to sit with his back ignoring Sajit again then.”

“I can’t watch Bartelle ignore Sajit for another whole episode #UniversityChallenge,” @DameWashalot1 commented.

“Somebody wanna have a word with Bartelle?? He’s only HALF looked at Sajit once and that was to shake his head as tho annoyed by her. You are literally on the same team #UniversityChallenge,” @actualtrashhh remarked.

@carlt_61 added: “My heart bleeds for Sajit and she looks so uncomfortable #UniversityChallenge.”

“I reckon Sajit could draw a very accurate sketch of the back of Bartelle’s head #UniversityChallenge,” @alanh47 joked.

“What’s up with Bartelle always looking right constantly ignoring Sajit on his left? #UniversityChallenge #rude,” @chickensarnie said.

Birmingham University led the match at the start of the show, however, the tables turned with the final few questions.

Reading University overtook their competitors by scoring extra points late in the game.

As a result, Reading won the show and progressed to their next match in the competition.

“You left it till the last minute, but you came back and you did well,” Paxman remarked, congratulating Reading.

“Bad luck Birmingham. It’s only a quarter-final, you can come back again as a loser and win twice in your next two matches to go through to the semi-finals,” the host explained.

University Challenge airs Monday’s at 8:30pm on BBC Two.

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