Virgin River season 3 theories: Will Charmaine and Mel work together to save Jack?

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Virgin River season three is on the way for Netflix and the season two finale ended on a huge cliffhanger. Bar owner Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) was shot by an anonymous killer while he was stopping by to pick up some food. His new partner Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) found him just in time, but she may also need the help of Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley).

Will Charmaine and Mel work together to save Jack?

Virgin River fans have despised Charmaine’s character from day one as she tried to stand in the way of Jack and Mel’s relationship.

She had been dating Jack before Mel’s arrival, but Jack had made clear their relationship was not a serious one.

When Jack started to show an interest in the new nurse, Charmaine felt a strong pang of jealousy and she made it her mission to keep them apart.

In the second season, she fell pregnant with twins and claimed the babies were Jack’s – an idea fans dispute.

Still, Jack chose to pursue his relationship with Mel, while promising to support Charmaine and the unborn babies.

In the season two finale, Jack had visited the bar to collect some dinner for himself and Mel.

As he had not returned for a while, Mel turned up at the bar to find him laying on the floor with a gunshot wound.

The episode closed with Mel trying to keep Jack alive whilst calling for extra help.

In an interview with Parade, showrunner Sue Tenney said unlikely characters may be forced to work together in season three.

She said: “In a future season(s), my co-executive producer Amy Robertson and I want to explore how our characters will react both individually, and as a group, under pressure.”

With this in mind, it could be that Mel calls for Charmaine’s help in saving Jack and finding out who shot him.

She is one of the only other people who know Jack inside out, so she could have an idea of who would want him dead.

Of course, there are plenty of theories suggesting Charmaine was the one to pull the trigger.

Hammersley herself admitted it was possible, but some fans believe she would not have gone to those lengths.

Tenney hinted Jack’s shooter would not be revealed straight away, and the storyline could play out over multiple seasons.

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As Charmaine’s character is much bigger in the series than she is in the original books, this could be a way for her to remain part of the show.

She and Mel may be forced to team up and work together to investigate the crime and track down Jack’s killer.

Hammersley has also opened up about her character’s role in the series and she admitted she plays one of the most-hated Virgin River residents.

In an interview with TV Line she said: “For the most part, the people who interact with me directly are very sweet.

“They’ll say they hate Charmaine, but they still like me, and they think I play her well. So that’s good.”

For the first two seasons, Charmaine was one of the main antagonists who was always creating obstacles for Jack and Mel.

Fans believe the pregnancy is a way for her to keep Jack all to herself, with some believing the babies are not even his.

Hammersley said she felt compassion for her character, as she has lost out on so many important relationships.

Hopefully helping Mel out with Jack will be a way for Charmaine to redeem herself and become another hero.

Virgin River is streaming on Netflix now. 

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