What time is The Secrets She Keeps on BBC One tonight and what's it about?

IF you are in the mood for a good thriller then the BBC have a brand new drama just for you.

The Secrets She Keeps is also based on a real life hospital kidnap.

What time is The Secrets She Keeps on BBC One tonight?

Australian drama The Secrets She Keeps is based on Michael Robotham’s best-selling novel of the same name.

It has a star cast which includes Downton Abbey actress Laura Carmichael.

You can catch it TONIGHT (July 6, 2020).

It is on at 9pm on BBC One.

How many episodes of The Secrets She Keeps are there?

There are six episodes in total of The Secrets She Keeps.

Each one lasts for an hour each.

After each episode has aired you can catch them on the BBC iPlayer.

What is The Secrets She Keeps about?

The show is set in an affluent Sydney suburb where two women have a chance encounter in a supermarket – they are the same age and both are pregnant.

But they have different lives, as Agatha works in the supermarket as a shelf-stacker whilst Meghan is a “mummy blogger” on the rise.

Due to their different incomes, Agatha lives in a grubby flat whilst Meghan is comfortably middle-class, so the women couldn’t be more different.

Agatha is jealous of Meghan, her blog and her two kids, wishing she could have that life for herself.

In fact Agatha has a secret, dark past when it comes to newborn babies. We soon find out that all is not as it seems regarding Agatha’s own pregnancy.

Meghan is hiding secrets too, with both women’s lives set to implode as a result of their hidden truths.

The series is inspired by a real-life hospital kidnap in the 1990s, and viewers should expect a “taut thriller as well as a sociological portrait”.

What have the cast said about The Secrets She Keeps?

Leading lady Laura spoke about her character Agatha – who becomes obsessed with Meghan.

She told whatsontv.co.uk: “Her desire to be a mother flips into something quite dangerous.

"But I think our sympathies move back and forth between the two women and, with Agatha, there are points where you want her to be happy and even moments where you will her to win.”


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