What will happen in The Good Karma Hospital season 4? Different to anything weve done

The Good Karma Hospital: Trailer for third series of ITV drama

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The Good Karma Hospital has been going strong for the past four years and now it’s almost time for its return with its fourth outing on ITV. Dr Lydia Fonseca (played by Amanda Redman) and her team are hard at work as always but there will be some trouble ahead for some of them. Cast from The Good Karma Hospital spoke to press, including Express.co.uk, about what fans can expect this time around.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Good Karma Hospital.

What is going to happen in The Good Karma Hospital season 4?

Lydia has ‘blinding’ row

There is going to be someone new on the island who will be ruffling some feathers.

This time, it will be in the shape of a politician with whom Lydia doesn’t exactly see eye-to-eye.

Actress Amanda Redman said: “She [Lydia] comes up against this politician, really does come up against her and they have a blinding, blinding row and what happens it starts to affect Greg and all sorts of things.

“It is Lydia’s absolute anger what politicians find important and what someone like she finds important.”

New characters are welcomed

There will be a couple of new faces at the hospital when season four begins.

Charismatic British Asian surgeon Dr Samir Hasan (Harki Bhambra) will be a new pair of helping hands along with newly qualified and confident Dr Niki Sharma (Rebecca Ablack).

“She [Lydia] is running the hospital on a shoe-string budget and there are so many patients, and they’re understaffed, underpaid but the storylines are very different to anything we’ve done before”, Amanda explained.

“But then luckily this time we get two new members of staff, Harki [Bhambra] and Becca [Ablack] are playing their characters and they come in and alleviate the pressure somewhat.”

Samir’s first scene

Samir has an interesting welcome to The Good Karma Hospital as Dr Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia) helps him when he gets into trouble.

“He’s with another company to start with and he has broken down and he’s making a dog’s dinner of trying to fix his engine.

“And Ruby turns up and gives him a hand and he’s still a bit suspect, I don’t know if it’s a bit of male patriarchy toxicity about it like ‘a woman can’t fix my engine’.

“But I think he’s very intrigued by Ruby – I don’t know if there’s a bit of flirtation about it but he soon finds she’s quite professional in her ways.”

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Public outbreak

Right from the get-go, there is going to be plenty of drama for everyone at the hospital.

Mirroring the global pandemic, there will be a public health outbreak on the island which causes panic.

Lydia explained: “I think it’s clever that they did that.

“It wasn’t Covid because I think most people are over that really but it was great to show empathy with what people have been going through.”


Lydia’s other half Greg isn’t going to have an easy time of it either this season as he is “put under pressure”.

In fact, it could spell trouble for the happy-go-lucky character as he has issues with his visa.

But will Greg be able to stay in the country or is he going to be forced to return to the UK?

Actor Neil Morrissey teased: “Quite early on in the series, he gets a big problem with his actual status in India.

“So I won’t say too much about that but he gets into a bit of trouble and has to sort that out throughout the series.”

The Good Karma Hospital season 4 premieres in early 2022 on ITV.

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