When is The Circle final, is there a prize and who's favourite to win?

THE CIRCLE has had viewers gripped since arriving on our screens in September – and it's already nearing the end of the second series.

But when is the final? And who do bookies' reckon is in it to win it? Find out all of that and more below…

When is The Circle final?

The Circle will reach its crux on Friday, October 18, 2019.

The final episode will air from 10pm-11:35pm.

And you can expect to see the remaining players meet each other for the first time.

But only one can take the £100,000 cash prize home.

The show kicked off on September 24, 2019, on Channel 4 and runs for just over three weeks.

Once all the episodes have aired you can watch it on 4oD.

What does the winner of The Circle get?

This year the lucky winner will receive a whopping £100k cash prize!

The 2018 winner Alex earned the cash prize of £50,000.

But he also emerged as the viewer's champion and was awarded with £25,000.

That took his total prize winnings to an incredible £75,000.

Who's favourite to win?

This year has seen some clear viewer favourites, but here's who William Hill reckon is in it to win it:

  • Tim – 5/2 

University academic and animator Tim is 58-years-old and from Rugby, who jokes that he is a cross between "Santa and Mrs Doubtfire".

Tim has had quite the life experience – he was a monk until being kicked out of the monastery when he was offered a place at Oxford University.

As an academic Tim is confident he can win his fellow players over with just pictures and words.

“I know how to use words, but I'm used to communicating face-to-face and I'm very used to looking into people's eyes and seeing whether or not points I'm making make any sense,” he declared

“God knows if I can be popular. There are two audiences. There is the audience at home and then the audience that never see you – the other contestants in The Circle.”

He continued: “You are playing two games at the same time. That's very exciting. I don't know if it's winnable.”

  • Woody – 10/3

The Circle's Woody is the son of Fat Boy Slim and Zoe Ball

Zoe Ball and Fat Boy Slim's 18-year-old son Woody has signed up to appear on the show but he will not be revealing who his famous parents are.

He is currently in a relationship and works in a pub but is going into The Circle with the hopes of not being pre-judged for having celebrity parents.

Woody, who came out as bisexual, revealed it will be helpful to be open about his sexuality on the show.

“I find being bisexual helps talking to girls and it doubles the pool of people I can flirt with,” he said.

  • Ella – 9/2

Ella joined The Circle as its newest player after Sy had found himself blocked from the show.

Viewers of the Channel 4 series were able to choose between the 24-year-old or Kevin from Bournemouth but settled for Ella in the end.

She now has the opportunity to potentially walk away from The Circle with a £100,000 prize fund.

Upon her arrival, Ella seemed overly confident that she'd be popular while deeming herself to be funny and kind.

"I’m quite loud, I’m very confident, and I’m a laugh to be honest," she gushed to the cameras.

"First look, I’m not going to be men’s cup of tea… I’m a bit bigger than everyone else. But I feel like, give me two hours, I’ll laugh them into bed.

"I think I will be popular. I’m funny, kind, I’m a lot more than a f**king pair of t*ts."

  • Georgina – 9/2
The Circle's Georgina is a 21-year-old from NottinghamCredit: Channel 4

Georgina, 21, works in the tailoring industry and has decided to play the game as her authentic self.

On social media, she discusses living with Crohn's disease, a lifelong condition in which parts of the digestive system become inflamed.

The Nottingham-native plans to play as a “full on sleuth” with mind maps and note taking to suss out the catfish.

Talking about why she has decided to play herself and not a character, she said: “I worry that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the experience as much if I was constantly trying to channel somebody else.

“And if it was to go wrong and I got voted out, I'd be disappointed because I'd feel like I hadn't been true to myself. If I'm true to myself then I can enjoy it for what it is.”

  • Brooke – 10/1
Brooke will be playing herself, a 24-year-old disclosure officer, in The CircleCredit: Channel 4

Brooke is a disclosure officer for the Home Office, who loves to travel the world for all its culture, and documents her holidays on her YouTube channel.

The 24-year-old is tired of men "inboxing" her and fears romance is dead for her generation.

She set herself the challenge of visiting 25 countries before the age of 25 and if she wins the contest she will use the money to see the world.

Her tactic for winning the show is simple; she will use a combination of girl code and flirting to triumph.

She said: “I'm going to be playing myself in The Circle so I'm just going to be myself.

“However, I will hold back the fact that I'm a disclosure officer and say I'm a student or whatever because I'm a bit worried that the other players might get their backs up if they know what I do for a living.

“If you're a catfish, the last thing you want is someone with an analytical brain and the ‘preeing’ skills that I’ve got that could potentially sniff out who is real and who is fake.”

  • James – 14/1
James will be playing a single mother called Sammie in The CircleCredit: Channel 4

The Liverpudlian, who is a 26-year-old recruitment consultant, is adopting the persona of Sammie, a single mother.

Despite going into the game catfishing, James believes he is doing it for the right reasons as he sees winning the competition as an opportunity to change his family's life for the better.

Speaking to Channel 4 about his decision to play a single mother, he enthused: “I have enormous admiration for single mums. I was raised by a young single mum.

“I have nothing but respect for her or anybody else in that position, to be honest, single mums give up everything for their children which is why I chose to present as Sammie in The Circle.”

  • Beth and Jack 33/1
Beth and Jack are catfishing together as Joyce

Newbies on the block are 29-year-olds Beth and Jack who are teaming up together.

Both are business owners and Beth is from Newcastle, while Jack is from London but currently lives in Edinburgh.

They're both single but not that their fellow castmates will know any of this however, as they're catfishing together as a 62-year-old woman named Joyce.

What is The Circle about?

The show sees each contestant move into a newly refurbished block of flats in London – and handed the keys to their own apartment.

None of the show's participants have ever meet one another in person.

Instead they communicate by a specially designed social media app.

The platform is completely voice activated, meaning the contestants speak to one another through the app – rather than face-to-face.

The game means that each person can pretend to be whatever, and whoever, they want to be.

They only get the opportunity to see another contestant when they are knocked out of the game.

At the end of the series, the most popular player – the person who accrues the most likes – will be in with a chance to win the £100,000 prize money.

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