When were Ant and Dec known as PJ & Duncan, what were their hit songs and when was Let's Get Ready To Rumble released?

BEFORE becoming comedy TV presenters, Ant and Dec were more commonly known as PJ and Duncan from Byker Grove.

But how did they get this nickname? And what happened during their time as pop stars?

Why were Ant and Dec known as PJ and Duncan?

The pair first met on the children's television show, Byker Grove in 1990.

They played PJ (Ant McPartlin) and Duncan (Declan Donnelly) – Dec was on the show from 1989 and Ant joined in 1990.

Their friendship began when they shared storylines on the show, creating a bond off-screen as well as on.

One of the biggest storylines was when Ant's character PJ went blind during a paintball accident.

When did they become popstars? What songs did they release?

After leaving Byker Grove the boys embarked on a pop career – and they were somewhat successful too.

Due to the popularity of their Byker characters, they called themselves PJ & Duncan – they also added an AKA to the end of it, but this was quickly dropped.

The boys were popstars from 1994 to 1997 – when their record label decided not to renew their contract.

Apart from their big hit Let's Get Ready To Rhumble, the boys released a number of songs:

  • Why Me (1992)
  • If I Give You My Number (1994)
  • Eternal Love (1994)
  • Our Radio Rocks (1995)
  • Stuck On You (1995)
  • U Crazy Katz (1995)
  • Perfect (1995)
  • Stepping Stone (1996)

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When was Let's Get Ready To Rhumble released?

Without a doubt, Let's Get Ready To Rhumble was PJ & Duncan's biggest hit.

It was released in 1994 and peaked at Number 9 in the UK Charts.

It is the singing duo's most famous song and can often be heard at sporting events, most commonly at ice hockey matches.



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