Where are the cast of Steptoe and Son now?

CLASSIC comedy from Steptoe and Son

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Steptoe and Son tells the tale of a father-and-son duo who don’t exactly share the same outlook on the world, often leading to intergenerational conflict. It has been 60 years since the sitcom first debuted on BBC and one of its spin-off films will be shown on Channel 5 tonight, Friday, August 5, at 11.30pm. Here’s everything Express.co.uk knows about the cast of Steptoe and Son now.

Where is the cast of Steptoe and Son now?

Albert Steptoe – Wilfrid Brambell

The cast of Steptoe and Son was very small throughout its eight-season run, mostly with just Albert and his son Harry Steptoe starring in every episode.

Albert was the disapproving dad who didn’t like the way Harry kept wanting more out of life when he himself was content with low social status.

Actor Wilfrid Brambell appeared in a number of series after his stint on Steptoe and Son.

Some of these were The Island Adventure, The Terence Davies Trilogy, Just William and The Little World of Don Camillo.

One of his most memorable roles was as singer Paul McCartney’s grandad in the Beatles’ comedy A Hard Day’s Night.

He also featured in Sword of the Valiant alongside actor Sean Connery and made a guest appearance in the 1970s series All Creatures Great and Small.

Brambell was on TV for the last time in 1984 in the BBC Two sitcom Kelly Monteith.

The beloved actor died at the age of 72 at his London home in 1985.

Harold Steptoe – Harry Corbett

Portraying Albert’s ever hopeful son Harold in Steptoe and Son was actor Harry Corbett.

Harold was very ambitious, eager to get away from their rag-and-bone business and make something of his life.

Sadly for him, his plans to move up in the world were always ruined by his meddling dad.

Corbett appeared in the comedy spoof Carry on Screaming before starring as the titular disgruntled newsagent in the comedy Grundy, six years after the end of Steptoe and Son.

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His final role on television was in an episode of the disturbing anthology series Tales of the Unexpected in 1982.

Corbett reportedly suffered several heart attacks and died in Hastings in 1982, aged 58.

As mentioned, Brambell and Corbett were the main two stars of the comedy series with others appearing in a few episodes max over the seven years.

The next biggest star of the comedy was actor Frank Thornton who was in just five of the 57 episodes in various roles.

Frank Thornton

After Steptoe and Son, Thorn starred in several other well-known comedies, including Are You Being Served as Captain Peacock and Truly in Last of the Summer Wine.

Some of his other parts were in All Rise for Julian Clary, Gosford Park, Grace & Favour and Back in Business.

Thornton passed away in his sleep in London in 2013, aged 92.

Steptoe and Son is available to watch on Britbox.

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