White Lines’ Daniel Mays insists new Netflix thriller ‘is calling out for season 2’ – The Sun

WHITE Lines star Daniel Mays has told fans he expects there will be a second series of the popular drama.

The 10-part English-Spanish Netflix production is a modern-day whodunit set in Ibiza after the body of DJ Axel Collins turns up on the island, 20 years after he mysteriously disappeared.

With plenty of twists and turns, White Lines is the streaming platform’s latest phenomenon and was its number-one rated UK show over the weekend.

While the series doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger, with the mystery of Axel’s death seemingly solved, there were plenty of unanswered questions that could work in a second series.

And Mays, who plays Marcus, said he reckons that will eventually happen once coronavirus is dealt with.

The former Line of Duty star, 42, told Metro.co.uk: “I mean look, I think it’s calling out for a second series. 

“None of it’s been properly resolved. I don’t wanna give away too much but, yeah I’m just pitching for a second series.”

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Mays’ co-star Angela Griffin, who stars as Marcus’ ex-wife Anna, agreed.

However, given her character organises sex parties, the former Corrie actress admitted the limitations presented by the COVID-19 restrictions would make playing the part tricky.

Griffin, 43, said: “There’s so many things that have to have to change for us to be able to do a second season.

“If we can get past all of those social distancing things – because Anna’s life isn’t about social distancing, she needs people to be able to touch each other… one hundred per cent, I’d be up for doing another season.”

White Lines is the brainchild of writer Álex Pina, who previously created popular Spanish drama Money Heist.

Griffin hinted Pina might already be working on the next series. 

She added: “I think Alex has got a season two in mind – he’s got a story there.

“But it’s just a case of if no one watches it then he’s not going make it – so everyone has to watch it!”

White Lines season one is available to stream now on Netflix.

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