Who is DCI Caroline Goode?

DCI Caroline Goode is the subject of ITV's new drama Honour.

Goode was the policewoman responsible for uncovering the most notorious honour killing case in recent British history.

Who is DCI Caroline Goode and where is she now?

Caroline Goode served for 33 years in the Metropolitan Police in London, England. She then moved into a position as Detective Superintendent in the Counter Terrorism Command.

In her post, she spent 10 years leading over 100 complex murder investigations.

During this period, Caroline uncovered a shocking "Honour killing" cases in which 20-year-old Banaz Mahmod was killed by her own father and uncle when she dared to leave an abusive arranged marriage.

Caroline has since trained thousands of Police Officers in Honour Based Violence Awareness.

She was awarded the Queens Policing Medal for her work in 2012 and now works to bring awareness to the 5,000 Honour killings that are estimated to occur across the world every year.

What has Keeley Hawes said about playing Caroline Goode?

Keeley Hawes has spoken about the huge responsibility she felt in portraying Caroline Goode in ITV's Honour.

Hawes, 44, said: “With something like this – and especially with this – we were all so mindful that we were dealing with real people.

“Banaz, Caroline, their families, everybody involved, the team, so there is that element of course, and with this, even more so. Much more so, probably, than anything I’ve ever worked on.

“But the responsibility is huge. It’s huge. I felt it every day. I’ve felt it every day since. I really have.”

A tearful Hawes told The Sunday Post: “I haven’t taken it lightly.

“You want to do the right thing by everyone involved because it’s about those two women.

“And you want to give Banaz the utmost respect, you know? And also do the right thing by Caroline.”

She added: “If one girl, or one woman, doesn’t have to go through what Banaz had to go through, then it’s a success, as far as I’m concerned.” 

What is Caroline Goode's book called?

Goode's book, Honour: Achieving Justice for Banaz Mahmod was published in March 2020.

It documents Caroline Goode's own first hand experience of finding Banaz from the moment she was reported missing.

DCI Goode's team took on the investigation, but didn't know at that point they were dealing with a murder.

The book explains how the team uncovered a web of lies in the community to cover Banaz's death, which stretched all the way from South London to Kurdistan.

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