Who is Des O'Connor's wife, Jodie Brooke Wilson?

LEGENDARY entertainer Des O'Connor died aged 88 in his sleep on Saturday 14 November, 2020, after a glittering career in television spanning six decades.

The veteran host was best known as a chat show host and presenter of Channel 4’s Countdown. But who was his wife Jodie Brooke Wilson and how long were they married?

Who is Des O'Connor's wife, Jodie Brooke Wilson?

Des O'Connor married Jodie Brooke Wilson in Seotember 2007, after waiting 17 years to tie the knot with her.

When the couple wed, Des was 75-years-old and Jodie was 38.

The couple were engaged for four years after O'Connor proposed with a pink diamond ring over the kitchen table.

Miss Brooke Wilson was 21 when the couple first met during a revival of sixties game show Take Your Pick, on which she was a hostess.

Australian born singer-songwriter Brooke Wilson said at the time of their marriage: "It's going to be very nice to be Mrs O'Connor instead of always being referred to as Des's partner. I will be proud to call him my husband."

However, her new husband admitted: "I quite liked being her boyfriend. We have been on honeymoon for 17 years and I am looking forward to many more good times."

How children does Des O'Connor have?

Des O'Connor leaves behind five children, who he had during the course ofhis four marriages.

He had a son, Adam, with fourth wife Jodie Brooke Wilson.

He was also father to four daughters, of which the eldest Karen, 67, with first wife Phyllis Gill.

Des and second wife Gillian Vaughn had 57-year-old Tracy Jane and Samantha, 55 during their 22 year marriage.

Des and third wife Jay Rufer also had his youngest daughter, 32-year-old Kristina.

Who were Des O'Connor's ex-wives?

Phyllis Gill

Des O'Connor married his first wife, Phyllis Gill in 1953, during which time the couple gave birth to his eldest daughter, Karen O'Connor.

He met Phyllis while he worked as a Red Coat at Butlins – but the couple divorced in 1959 after four years of marriage.

Gillian Vaughan

Des and Gillian Vaughn were together for 22 years, in which time they gave birth to daughters Tracy and Samantha.

The couple married in 1960 and divorced in 1982.

Jay Rufer

Des married his third wife Jay Rufer in 1985.

The couple had one daughter Kristina before divorcing in 1990.

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