X Factor star Sam Bailey gets wet toast and watery tea on Mother's Day – but says 'it's a dream come true'

WHILST some mums will be treated to cream teas and lavish flowers this Mothers’ Day, one mum-of-three will be making do with soggy toast – and a puddle on a tea tray.

Singer Sam Bailey has told of her ‘special’ traditional Mothers’ Day surprise of breakfast in bed, made by her six-year-old daughter Miley.

"Mothers’ Day is always special to me. But probably not for the reasons it is for everyone else," she told The Sun in an exclusive chat.

"It’s special to me because I get a wet bit of toast and a watery cup of tea splashed all over a tray. This is of course courtesy of Miley.

"People might think I’m mad for saying it, but it’s a dream come true. Nothing is more special than the effort she goes to with the help of my husband of course."

Sam added: "My daughter Brooke and son Tommy of course make an effort too.

"Tommy, who is 11, was only diagnosed with autism in July last year so things have been hard for him. The update is that he now has a therapist and also finally a health care plan and I’m glad we finally know for sure what’s going on for him."

After breakfast in bed, Sam revealed her plans of the rest of her special day.

"The rest of Mothers’ Day for me will probably end in Eddie’s Bar. I’ve just built an entire British Pub in the garden of my house and it’s all decked out with every single thing a pub has," she said.

"The decor, dark oak furnishings and wide-screen TV too. Now all we do as a family is sit in the garden."

Looking further on, the 2013 X Factor winner says that she hates being away from home.

"I have classic 'Mum Guilt' for leaving the kids and going to work now. I hate being away from them. Last week I had to go away on a job and I was terribly homesick and ringing home all the time," Sam explained.

"I don’t know whether it’s a lockdown thing but being in lockdown has reminded me of working as a prison officer again.

"Often offenders commit crime to get back into prison again. It sounds bizarre, but it’s true. I think the same will be said about a lot of people wanting to stay indoors after lockdown, it’s just become second nature to us all to stay indoors now."

Looking towards the rest of 2021, Sam has just been announced as the Singing Judge for the new series of the Amazon Prime favourite, ‘Now That’s Entertainment.’

The top show, a firm rival to Britain’s Got Talent – has already announced other judges Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin and BGT winner George Sampson with more big names to be revealed.

"I’m looking for something special. A voice that gives you goosepimples," Sam says.

Applications for auditions are open now via: https://www.nowthatsentertainment.ltd/add-entry

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