Yellowstone season 4 episode 8 cast: Who is in the cast?

Yellowstone: Jen Landon on Teeter’s return to the ranch

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Yellowstone season four, episode eight will be raising the stakes even higher after seven’s game-changing drama. The Paramount Network series has been slowly building to an explosive finale, and it looks as though the first moves are about to be played. There are several interconnecting subplots weaving through the season, with a number of major characters making an appearance in episode eight – titled, No Kindness for the Coward.

Who is in the cast of season four, episode eight?

Garrett Randall – Will Patton

Garrett Randall has been interfering in Dutton family affairs in season four, and now he is meddling in the council candidacy.

The position on the council opened up in episode seven, with a Dutton stepping up to take the seat.

However, it is a question of which one, John (played by Kevin Costner) or Jamie (Wes Bentley), with Garrett encouraging Jamie to take it.

Played by Will Patton, the star is best known for Swamp Thing, Shots Fired, and The Good Wife.

Teeter – Jan Landon

Fans feared the worst for Teeter following episode six, after John fired all the women in the bunkhouse.

Thankfully, in episode seven, peace was restored and Teeter returned to the ranch once more.

She will be back to get her hands dirty around the ranch, though will likely be trying to stay away from collateral damage again.

Played by Jan Landon, the star is best known for Animal Kingdom, FBI: Most Wanted, and Days of Our Lives.

Laramie – Hassie Harrison

Laramie has been caught in the middle of a love triangle in season four, with Walker and Lloyd (Forrie J Smith) both, literally, fighting over her.

She has now been brought back to the bunkhouse, with the situation supposedly behind them.

Of course, things could go south again, with Laramie caught in the middle once more.

Played by Hassie Harrison, the star is best known for Tacoma FD, The Iron Orchard, and Southbound.

Walker – Ryan Bingham

It appears there is finally peace between Walker and Lloyd after their brawl over Laramie.

With peace restored in the bunkhouse, Walker can get back to playing his new guitar, courtesy of Lloyd.

Walker’s arc for the rest of the season remains to be seen, but it is clear he does what he wants without fear of the potential ramifications.

Played by Ryan Bingham, the star is best known for Hostiles, A Country Called Home, and Love Me Like You Do.

Jimmy Hurdstrom – Jefferson White

Jimmy’s journey in season four is seemingly setting up the next spin-off series – 6666.

Down in Texas, Jimmy has been working hard to find his place on the new ranch.

However, it looks as though he will be caught in the middle of a new love triangle as he secured a date in episode seven.

At the same time, Mia (Eden Brolin) has been making her way down to Texas to see him, though she will find him trying his luck with another woman.

Played by Jefferson White, the star is best known for Invasion, The Bite, and Blindspot.

Yellowstone season four continues Sunday, December 19 at 8pm EST on the Paramount Network in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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