21-month-old baby boy overdoses on cocaine as Florida parents arrested for child neglect

THE parents of a 21-month-old baby have been charged for child neglect after their son overdosed on cocaine.

The Florida couplewas charged this week after authorities found the baby had consumed cocaine and overdosed earlier this year.

According to Fox News reports, the Sarasita County Sheriff’s Office said that deputies responded to a 911 call from a Venice home on January 8, shortly before 5pm.

The boy was found unconscious and was not breathing.

Police officers assisted the Sarasota County Fire Department at the scene.

The sheriff’s office said 33-year-old Kaitlyn Van Dorn told officers that the boy had picked up an unknown object from the ground.

He put it in his mouth before stumbling, becoming limp, and losing consciousness, she had told them.

"When we get there, the female defendant who's in the home says, ‘He put something in his mouth while we were on a walk, I don’t know what it was,’" Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office community affairs director Kaitlyn Perez told Fox News. 

"The area is kind of known for narcotics use, so EMF decided to deploy Naloxone three times on the little boy. 

“And, thank God that they did because he regained full consciousness, was awake and really, really alert."

The child was then rushed to the hospital for further tests.

Van Dorn said the boy was picking up rocks using a teal bucket, and may have picked up a needle cap that she had “swatted out of his mouth”.

Despite her comments, deputies were unable to find the drug paraphernalia.

Van Dorn located the bucket behind a closed door upon returning to the home, and deputies found a silver spoon and tissue inside.

Tests carried out later on found traces of both cocaine and fentanyl on the spoon.

Blake Pavey, Van Dorn’s 34-year-old partner, said he had been sleeping and did not go on a walk with Van Dorn and the boy.

However, he supported his partner's story.

"He corroborates her story and says, ‘Yeah, I saw her run through into the house, the baby unconscious, she threw the bucket down by the door and called 911’.”

Perez said CCTV video tracked down from different houses and businesses nearby to see what time Van Dorn went on a walk, never detected her leaving the house.

“Did we see where the child picked something up? None of it ever happened. She never went on a walk. We're 100% certain on that," she said. "So, we're confident that he ingested the cocaine inside the house at some point."

Perez said that she did not know whether the incident was intentional.

Pavey had earlier denied the charges against him, while speaking with FOX13.

He had called the incident a horrible accident and the scariest moment of his life.

Detectives from the sheriff’s office had partnered with Florida’s Department of Children and Families and launched an investigation into the incident.

After subpoenaing medical records from the hospital, she confirmed that the child had overdosed on cocaine.

According to Perez, it took four months to receive the toxicology report.

While a warrant was issued for the pair in May, it took around a month for officers to locate them and arrest them on Saturday.

The child has not been in the care of either Van Dorn of Pavey since January.

While Pavey was released on a $15,000 bond, Van Dorn remained in custody without bond, related to a Violation of Probation charge.

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