Adopt A Pal: Three puppies of all sizes warm up a chilly start to the week

Every Monday on Adopt a Pal, Global News Morning features rescues in Manitoba to help them find forever homes.

This week, Spirit of Hope visits Global Winnipeg with the some puppies ready to warm you on a cold Monday morning.

Panda is four months old and has been with the rescue for a few months. Panda is very well behaved and could even make for a therapy or guide dog.

Frankie was found in a dump up north along with her mother and eight other puppies. She’s currently three months old and usually on the quiet side. Frankie also knows her basic commands.

Shadow is Serbian Husky with Sheppard mixed in. He is ten months old and listens well to others. Shadow also gets along well with other dogs and could perhaps live with another one to help burn off the energy he has.

Medical costs

A lot of dogs that arrive at Spirit of Hope come from out of town and tend to need some medical treatments, which can be a big cost.

“We actually got a call (Sunday) night about two puppies that are in bad shape. We’re going to fly them in as soon as possible to take care of them,” said the rescue’s Cathie Mieyette.

Fosters, along with donations, are always needed by Spirit of Hope. More information can be found here.

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