AI bot passes exam at world’s top business school as it outperforms students

An AI bot has managed to pass a final exam at the world’s top business school.

Christian Terwiesch, a professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the oldest and most prestigious business schools in the world, decided to put ChatGPT, an AI bot that has gone viral for its ability to seemingly write anything, to the test.

To his surprise, he found that the free AI outperformed some of his students on his operations management course, a core module for the prestigious Masters in Business Administration course.

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The bot managed to achieve a B grade in what would be a typical final exam for the operations management course.

The Wharton School is one of the most competitive business schools in the world.

It consistently ranks at number one on lists comparing universities across the world.

Less than 900 of the 6,300 people who applied for the school’s MBA programme were accepted.

Business magazine Fortune reported in November that the school's 2022 graduates were earning $175,000 (£142,000) on average when they left, not including bonuses.

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Around 99% of its graduates received a job offer upon graduation.

Professor Terwiesch said in a paper that investigated the bot’s competence that the bot’s performance had “important implications for business school education”, calling for curriculums to be reassessed and overhauled.

ChatGPT, released by software firm OpenAI in November 2022, has caused huge waves across several industries.

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It has the ability to write code, plays, essays, music and much more all from scratch.

Teachers across the world have warned that students now have free access to a programme that can allow them to easily cheat on essays and exams, adding that the rise of taking exams from home caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has compounded this worry.

The Daily Starreportedyesterday (24 January) that a controversial app using ChatGPT allows users to have realistic conversations with dead famous people, including Adolf Hitler and Jeffrey Epstein.


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