Are any of the moon landing astronauts still alive?

On 16 July 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were strapped into a spaceship and sent up into space.

Four days later, Armstrong and Aldrin became the first humans to ever set foot on the moon, whilst Collins stayed aboard the spaceship.

The moon landing became a pivotal point in history – not only for space exploration – but also for humanity as a whole.

The moon landing sparked a chain of space exploration missions and inspired the modern day missions that we see happening to this day.

The event provoked a fair amount of famous conspiracy theories, which has solidified the mission in popular culture history.

But what happened to the three astronauts that took part in the mission 52 years ago, and are they still here today?

Which Apollo 11 astronauts are still alive?


Buzz Aldrin is the only Apollo 11 astronaut still alive today.

Neil Armstrong passed away in August 2012 at the age of 82. His family announced his death in a statement:

“Neil Armstrong has passed away following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures. Neil was our loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend.”

Michael Collins died in April 2021 age 90 and Buzz Aldrin released this statement: “Dear Mike, Wherever you have been or will be, you will always have the Fire to Carry us deftly to new heights and to the future. We will miss you. May you Rest In Peace. #Apollo11”

What did the astronauts do after the moon landing?

After being the first man to step foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong continued working for NASA.

He worked as a professor at universities in America and was decorated by 17 countries. He also went on a secret exploration mission to the North Pole, although kept much of this private as he was shy of media attention.

Michael Collins moved into a career in politics after his time with NASA – taking over the as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs during the Vietnam War.

Realising he wasn't cut out for politics, Collins went on to act as Director of the National Air and Space Museum.

He had three children, one of which – his daughter Kate Collins – became a famous actress.

Buzz Aldrin is the only astronaut from Apollo 11 still alive.

Following the moon landing, he went on to work as an Aerospace Research Pilot School and at 86 he went on an expedition to the South Pole.

His visit made him the oldest person to ever reach the South Pole.

Aldrin has had three wives, is an active supporter of the republican party and has recently admitted to having a facelift – to keep himself looking young.

He currently lives in Florida.

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