Baby girl killed with her dad in Trier car attack told to 'hold yourself tight in Papa's arms' in heartbreaking tribute

HEARTBREAKING tributes have been paid to a baby girl and her dad who were killed by a "drunk" driver who rammed a 4×4 through crowds Christmas shoppers.

Beloved dentist Georgios Kobiliris and his nine-week-old daughter Virginia where both killed when a Range Rover smashed at 40mph into a pedestrian zone in the German city of Trier.

Pictures believed to be the dad and the little girl have been laid among a sea of flowers, teddy bears and candles in the city centre.

The family has been torn apart just weeks before Christmas as Georgious' wife and his one-year-old son were also seriously injured in the four minute rampage.

Three women aged 25, 52 and 73, were also killed in the massacre which covered half a mile and at least 18 people were injured.

Unemployed electrician Bernd W is suspected of being behind the wheel of the car and is believed to have been drunk at the time.

Relatives have left a touching letter written in the Greek for Dr Georgios, 45, who was well known in Trier, and little Virginia.

"My Virginia, hold yourself tight in Papa's arms so that he'll take care of you up there," it reads, reports Bild.

"Take care of your mum and your little brother as the angel you have now become."

Monika Engel, one of Dr Kobiliris' patients, was due to have an appointment with him in the hours after the attack, reports RTL.

Tearfully, the 69-year-old said: "He was such a lovely, good person."

Another of his patients, Jessica Mayer, 18, described the dentist as "totally loving" and said the doctor was "so excited" after the birth of Virginia.

"He was so nice. He always took the fear away from children. He was such a proud dad," she said.

Jessica added she would see Georgios walking around Trier pushing his daughter in her stroller to show her off.

Her parents Ralf and Sandy Meyer also knew the dentist as they called him a "good-hearted person".


Sandy said he had helped her overcome her fear of dentists and always had time for a chat.

Ralf added: "He wasn't just a dentist. He was a friend to me.

"The feeling is indescribable right now. The world is falling apart."

The couple's younger daughter Jamie added: "Why? The good people are always punished."

Bernd W is believed to have boozed in a kebab shop before getting behind the wheel of a 4×4 and ramming it into screaming crowds in Trier.

German privacy laws mean the alleged attacker's full surname cannot be published.

The 51-year-old is reported to have had an alcohol problem and is reported to have been unemployed for some time.

He had reportedly been living off money he made from selling his dead parents' house.

The electrician had also reportedly been sleeping in the Range Rover, which had been lent to him by a pal.

The suspect was described by those who knew him as "unstable" and is reported to have had a "much older" girlfriend.

Neighbours said he was a "strange individual" who was "quick-tempered and sometimes aggressive".

He was known to often get drunk in his local kebab shop, with a person who knew him saying "he lived into the day and drank, that was his life".

Police are continuing to question him after the driver of the crashed Range Rover was pinned down by three officers.

The vehicle "zig-zagged" through crowds at speed as the driver knocked people and a pram into the air in the horror rampage.

Brave officers used a police car to smash the suspect car against a curb and wrestled the driver to the ground.

Senior public prosecutor Peter Fritzen said Bernd W is also undergoing a psychiatric evaluation following the attack.

Cops have said there is currently no evidence of a political motive.

He faces charges for multiple murders, attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm.

Bernd W was ordered to be held in prison after a judge decided he did not need to be sent to a psychiatric institution.

Prosecutors said he had shown psychological abnormalities during and after his arrest on Tuesday.

Experts will continue to evaluate him and issue an official opinion.

The prosecution said he was using the 4×4 with the "intention of killing or at least injuring as many people as possible".

Witnesses described the scenes of horror as a "war zone" after the rampage yesterday as the car ploughed through the pedestrian zone.

Regional prime minister Malu Dreyer said: "The pain of the mother who lost her child and her husband takes my voice away.

"There will never again be the laughter of the father and the child.

"Others who have to mourn dead feel the same way… they will have to carry this burden for the rest of their lives."

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