Bad news for IKEA shoppers as prices of flat-pack furniture surge by 50%

IKEA has hiked the prices of its flat-pack furniture by as much as 50% thanks to supply chain issues.

The Swedish retail giant has blamed the coronavirus crisis for costs spiralling out of control.

Desks, beds and wardrobes are among the furniture to see massive overnight price hikes.

A Malm chest of drawers has gone up from £99 in mid-December to £150 today – a jump of 52%.

Whilst a Hemnes daybed frame has increased from £215 to £279, and a Klippan two-seater sofa has risen from £199 to £229.

The issue was first raised by customers online, who noticed the sharp increases after Christmas.

Others questioned why prices had not fallen as part of Boxing Day sales.

It comes following the news that Brits are set to spend more in this year's post-Christmas sales than they have in the last two years, according to research.

Shoppers plan to spend an average of £247 each in the end-of-year sales, an increase of £85 on 2020 – and £61 more than 2019.

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Energy prices have soared in the UK alongside inflation rates as the country experiences a 'cost of living crisis'.

An Ikea spokesman admitted their prices have changed and said: "The effects of Covid-19 continue to evolve and impact industries all over the world.

"Since the start of the pandemic, Ikea has managed to absorb the significant cost increases experienced across the supply chain while keeping prices as low and stable as we possibly can.

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"Now, like many other retailers, we have had to raise our prices to mitigate the impact on our business.

"As prices are influenced not only by the raw material prices but also by transportation, logistical costs and local market conditions, price adjustments differ from country to country.

"Whilst individual price increases vary, the average increase is 10% in the UK, in line with the global average of 9%."

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