Baseball bat-wielding bloke wants ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween display taken down

An angry man is clearly not a fan of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things after his neighbours created a Halloween display resulting in him allegedly grabbing bat to people coming to view the decorations.

One of the first, and most elaborate displays for Halloween 2022 is the Stranger Things-inspired epic created by a couple in Plainfield, Illinois.

The centrepiece of the incredible display created by Chicago area couple Dave and Aubrey Appel is a gravity-defying mannequin of Stranger Things character Max Mayfield apparently floating in mid-air.

But one angry neighbour has complained that the dramatic tableau is bringing too much attention to the area.

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"We'll literally be outside, setting stuff up and you see people driving past and they're going fast. And then, they stop," Aubrey told NBC5 Chicago.

Dave explained that there’s more to the huge Halloween tableau than Stranger Things. ”One side of our yard is all Stranger Things,” he said.

“The other side is every pop culture horror film that we basically can fit in there that looks tasteful that we like and that's together."

But even with a nod to almost every horror great, you can’t please everyone.

One neighbour reportedly "threatened people with a bat" over the weekend

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Dave and Aubrey said the furious neighbour had accused them of bringing too much attention to the neighbourhood, endangering local children and potentially encouraging home invasion attacks.

"Everyone seemed OK with it, until they weren't," Aubrey said. "It's upsetting, you know, to be told 'we support you. We're behind you. We understand why you are doing this' and to have that blow up in your face."

Earlier this week, Dave wrote on Instagram that he and Aubrey had been planning to dismantle the entire display, but then changed their minds because other locals had expressed their support.

"It's so awesome," local Trina Mahon told Narcity.

"They put so much work into it. The kids are always helping out. They think it is the most awesome thing and when they found out they were going to be getting closed, the daughter literally was crying so hard."


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