Bianca Devins killer 'took sick selfies next to influencer’s dead body & shared them online after filming murder video'

THE killer of YouTuber Bianca Devins allegedly took selfies next to her dead body and shared them online after reportedly filming a video showing the teen being murdered.

The influencer, who was 17 at the time, was slain by Brandon Clark in July 2019 in his car after returning from a concert in New York City.

Clark, who was 21, reportedly filmed a video showing the teen being murdered.

It's alleged he took selfies next to the influencer's dead body and then distributed them online.

The images circulated on social media following her death, according to reports.

The Oneida District Attorney's office reportedly used the video and images to secure a guilty plea from Clark last year.

Bianca's family was reportedly promised that the video would be taken down and never released.

It comes as a lawsuit accuses prosecutors of violating federal law by sharing the footage of Bianca to several TV outlets.

The teen’s family claims the prosecutor’s office shared the footage with CBS 48 Hours, A&E, and possibly others, according to the lawsuit.

The suit alleges that the DA’s office shared nude images of the teen that were taken from her phone after it was seized at the murder scene.


Kimberly Devins, the teen's mom, told The New York Post that she feels as if her family is being forced to relive their worst nightmare.

She said: "Our family is forced to live the violence over and over on social media because of what the murderer posted."

She alleged that the DA’s office has been “reckless and casual”.

The suit alleged: "The DA’s office has been reckless and casual with who they provide my daughter’s private images and last living moments with; meanwhile they refuse to let her own family see the evidence."

Bianca's family said in a written statement that the teen was "a talented artist, a loving sister, daughter, and cousin, and a wonderful young girl, taken from us all too soon".

They said: "Bianca's smile brightened our lives. She will always be remembered as our Princess."

Clark was sentenced to 25 years to life in jail for the murder.

He pleaded guilty in February 2020 but then attempted to withdraw the plea, Syracuse reported.

A judge ruled that he could not withdraw his plea.

At the sentencing, he apologized to the teen's family and said: "I hate myself for what I did to her.

"I don't understand how I could do something like that. It disgusts me."


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