Blokes facing £90 fines for insulting women drivers in jibe crack down

Blokes who insult women drivers are to be hit with £90 fines as sexist digs are set to become a motoring offence, in a crackdown to promote equality.

It comes after a survey found more than half of a town’s female motorists said they were on the receiving end of sexist abuse while behind the wheel.

The law is being brought in by council chiefs in San Fernando, southern Spain. Mayor Patricia Cavaca said: “The reactions are positive.

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“Many women feel proud that their city has focused on this [issue] and it is reflected in a new regulation.

“This regulation reflects a reality, and it is that 50% of women drivers have been abused verbally and insulted for being women and driving.”

The new law says: “The act of insulting other drivers, especially because of their sex, can be classed as a motoring ­offence… which can be punished by a fine.”

In the Official State Gazette (BOE), it states that “users of roads and public spaces must respect the rules of coexistence with the rest, with special consideration to avoid conduct that demeans motorists because of their sex.”

Women have been told to report abuse to police, who will hand out tickets.

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Insulting other drivers, regardless of gender, will soon constitute a violation of Road Safety also, reports in Spain say.

Government delegate Conrado Rodríguez suggested that breaching the rule could be considered a minor infraction, carrying a 100 euro fine.

But the city council says it will bring criminal proceedings against anyone caught in the foul-mouthed act.

"No one has to put up with annoying comments," Mr Rodríguez reiterated, referring to the usual stereotypical jibes "known to all."


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