Body of Tennessee boy, 2, found after floodwaters ripped him from his mother's arms

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Jewelry store owner Renee Muha on flood devastating businesses in Waverly, Tennessee

The body of a 2-year-old Tennessee boy was reportedly found days after he was pulled out of his mother’s arms by floodwaters. 

Kellen Cole Burrow’s mother had been holding onto her five children inside their Waverly, Tennessee, apartment when he was snatched away by the surging water, FOX 17 in Nashville reported Tuesday. 

“I seen him that night when we put him to bed, but she had him in her arms whenever he got swept away,” Kellen’s father, Kaleb McCord, told the station about his son and his wife. 

McCord said his car was submerged in floodwaters but he found a boat and eventually got home to his family. He was also able to pull several others in the community into the boat, according to WSMV-TV in Nashville. 

The father said he witnessed his children clinging to telephone poles to keep from being swept away, WSMV reported. The couple’s other four children survived. 

“I couldn’t get back to him, but she managed to save our other four children. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have any children right now,” he told FOX 17. 

Cars are stacked on top of each other on the banks of Blue Creek being swept up in flood water, Monday, Aug. 23, 2021, in Waverly, Tennessee. (Associated Press)

Rainfall hit record highs in Humphreys County last weekend with more than 17 inches in 24 hours, according to FOX 17. 

At least 18 people were killed. A 15-year-old girl remained among the missing. 

Searchers continued to look for the missing and crews began to clean up the extensive damage left in the flood’s wake this week. 

The Humphreys County Emergency Management Agency said in a news release that more than 270 homes had been destroyed and 160 have major damage.

“Some are just gone — off the foundation — twisted, turned,” Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis said at the news conference. “They would probably have to be totally destroyed before they could be built back.”

“The sheer devastation that we saw in that helicopter ride yesterday has made me realize that we have got an extremely long road to go in all of this,” he said.

Authorities revised the death toll from 22 to 18 this week after an unrelated death was counted and two identified people remained on the list after they were identified. 

The flooding took out roads, cellphone towers and telephone lines in the county of about 18,000 people, leaving some uncertain about whether family and friends survived the unprecedented deluge, with rainfall that more than tripled forecasts and shattered the state’s one-day record.

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