Boris Johnson 'threatens to drag Queen into Brexit by asking her to shut down Commons if MPs stop No Deal'

BORIS Johnson has threatened to drag the Queen into Brexit by shutting down Parliament to defy Remainer MPs, it was claimed today.

The Tory frontrunner privately assured senior Brexiteers that he will leave the option of suspending the Commons on the table as a way to force through a No Deal.

He had told Tory MPs in a hustings yesterday that he was "strongly not attracted" to the move – known as "proroguing" Parliament.

But The Times reported last night that Boris Johnson privately told the hard Brexit European Research Group last week he would not rule it out as Prime Minister.

The move would end the parliamentary session early and so prevent MPs from forcing through a law to stop a No Deal Brexit on October 31.

A source on a rival campaign told The Times: "He's told the ERG he won't take prorogation off the table and that he's signed up to their plan for a 'managed No Deal'."

Suspending the Commons would risk dragging the Queen into politics, critics fear.

Her Majesty would have to make the formal decision to prorogue Parliament, and then re-open it at a later date with a new Queen's Speech.

The move would prevent MPs from passing legislation to block a No Deal Brexit before the October 31 deadline.

The Queen expressed scepticism towards the EU in the run-up to the 2016 referendum leading to claims she was in favour of Brexit.

Yesterday, a bid by Remainers to grab control of the Commons timetable failed by 11 votes.

Sajid Javid today insisted he would go for a No Deal if it was the only way to get Britain out of the EU in time for Halloween.

The Home Secretary told the BBC: "We're already late and we need to leave by the end of October.

"If a plan cannot get through then the next thing to try would be some sort of managed exit on WTO terms – if that doesn't work, we have to be prepared to leave with No Deal in October."

He said he would open talks with Ireland to agree a fix to the hated backstop proposal, adding: "If Ireland agreed to a time limit, I think the EU would agree – I think Ireland is crucial to this."

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