Boy ‘cries in Tesco’ after losing birthday money – but stranger saves the day

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A kind-hearted stranger stepped in to save a devastated little boy's day when he lost his birthday money on a toy shopping trip to Tesco.

Four-year-old Preston from Hull had hoped to spend his £15 at the Orchard Park Tesco in Hall Road on May 19 — but when he and mum Karen Hodgson reached the checkout, the youngster was 'heartbroken' to find the money was gone.

Staff at the supermarket did their best to help but were eventually left with no other choice than to put the toy back on the shelf, prompting the kid to burst into tears, reports YorkshireLive.

Together with mum Karen he tried unsuccessfully to retrace his steps to find the cash, with the pair about to leave empty handed until a 'good Samaritan' named Donna stepped in.

Describing the incident, Karen told HullLive : "I retraced my tracks but couldn't find the money then this very kind lady asked my son what was the matter.

"Preston said it was his birthday and he had lost his pennies for his helicopter. The lady then took out her purse and passed my son a £20 note and said, 'Go get your aeroplane."

Karen revealed her son immediately stopped crying and gave the woman a hug, while she hurriedly thanked her afterwards.

The mum later tried to track her down via social media and posted an appeal on Hull Live’s Orchard Park News page, prompting the kind-hearted stranger to come forward.

Donna, who does not wish to give her second name, said helping Preston when she saw him crying was a no-brainer for her and explained: "I could see it was his birthday as he had a badge on. I asked him what was the matter and he told me he had lost his pennies for his birthday. His mum said it must have fallen out of his pocket in the supermarket

"For me, no one wants to be upset on their birthday, particularly a young child. He was upset and I knew I could make him feel better."

She revealed Karen offered to send her a card when they later spoke on the phone, but was told to spend the money on her kids instead — as she had already had her reward in "the hug from the birthday boy".

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