BREAKING Kim Kardashian security alert as brawl erupts as she goes on stage

A brawl broke out back stage at a tech conference just as Kim Kardashian West stepped on stage begin her interview.

Panic erupted at the World Congress on Information Technology while the beauty mogul walked on stage.

Two attendees to the Armenian conference began screaming and shouting outside the main auditorium's doors, where Kim was due to speak this morning.

The heated exchange quickly turned violent as the two men lashed out at each other.

In a video obtained exclusively by Daily Star Online, one of the men can be seen attempting to kick the other in the head, while another struggles to separate them.

The commotion sparked panic among other tech lovers at the conference as the pair were torn off each other and screamed at to stop by horrified witnesses.

A source told Daily Star Online the fight had broken out after staff at the event barricaded the doors to the main auditorium where Kim Kardashian's speech was being made, to avoid the hall getting over crowded.

The source said: "It was just between the two of them, but they started arguing and fighting when the doors were closed."

The brawl sparked an alert as security guards from around the venue ran to the scene to break up the scrap.

Kim Kardashian is at the conference to speak on the Marketplace of Ideas panel among tech experts like the founders of Reddit, Giphy and PicsArt.

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